Welcome to the official GoldFynch manual!

GoldFynch is an easy-to-use e-discovery review platform.
Does your firm have a large document collection (more than 20-30 documents)? Do you need to search for content across them all at the same time? If so, GoldFynch is your answer.

Free tools (like Adobe Acrobat Reader and MS Word) can’t help because they deal with only one document at a time

So, if your client hands you an email inbox and 100s of Word and PDF documents, what do you do? How do you even open an email inbox file? If some of the documents are scanned images or Tiff files, how do you handle them? How do you ‘produce’ and Bates-stamp the documents?

That’s where GoldFynch comes in. Just drag-and-drop your files, and they are instantly searchable.

GoldFynch handles all types of file formats. Even ones you haven’t heard of. And it automatically uses OCR to convert scanned pages into machine-readable text.

Best of all, GoldFynch is surprisingly affordable!

Plans start at $10 for 1 GB of data. All inclusive. (GoldFynch Pricing page)

Try GoldFynch risk-free. No credit card required.

Sign up at www.goldfynch.com.

The software is pretty intuitive, but we wrote this manual just in case!