Search by keyword and navigate results

GoldFynch provides "dropdown" search suggestions as you type in the search bar. Once a search has been performed, you can quickly navigate between the search results using the Next Document and Previous Document buttons.

Type a keyword into the GoldFynch search bar, which can be found at the top of any page of the GoldFynch app.

Keyword search

As you type, GoldFynch estimates the number of search results and offer suggestions. In the example above, GoldFynch estimates 95 results for the keyword "Business."

Hit Enter to search for the keyword. Here's what you'll see:

Keyword search results

  1. The number of results, the time taken for the search, and the search query. In the above example, the keyword "Business" made 95 matches in 0.146 seconds. Regardless of the size of the case, GoldFynch usually completes searches in less than a second!

  2. The names of files that have the keyword you searched for

  3. A series of text snippets below the filename. GoldFynch displays the text surrounding the keyword each time it appears

  4. Information about each file:

    • The type of file
    • The size of the file
    • The location of the file in the case structure
    • The tags attached to the file

3. Click on a filename or a text snippet

Open search result in Doc View

4. Cycle through documents in a folder

The Previous Document and Next Document buttons provide the ability to quickly move between documents within a set of search results. This is very useful for when you are taking notes or doing a quick review.

In the example above, the file is the first search result, so there is only a Next Document option.

Want to perform more complex searches?

If you want to run slightly more nuanced searches, check GoldFynch's Advanced Search system!

Some of the things it lets you do include: