There are a number of add-on services that can be accessed by GoldFynch users through the GoldFynch web app. They are useful in specific scenarios, like if you want a large volume of emails from a client's mail server to be directly uploaded to your GoldFynch case.

Read on to find out how to initiate a request for these services, as well as find out about the pricing of each service.

Viewing the available add-on services

Step 1. Open a GoldFynch case

Step 2. Click on the 'Add-on Services' tab in the 'Summary' view (the default view when opening a case)

Summary view add-on services tab

GoldFynch periodically features an add-on service that is visible directly from the 'Summary' view (as seen above)

Requesting an add-on service

Step 1. Click on the relevant button of the service you would like to use:

Select service to use

Step 2. Depending on the service, follow the instructions provided, inputting information where necessary:

Provide information

Tracking the status of a service

After submitting the request, you can track its progress by clicking on the Check Status button:

Check status of a service

Once the status is set to 'INPROGRESS' it is actively being worked on:

Review status view

You can tell whether the add-on service is offered by GoldFynch or an approved vendor by the tag visible in the top-right corner of the service's information box:

Differentiate service provider

Note: The services from external providers are discounted, and to make use of the discounts you will have to go through the GoldFynch application. Below is a breakup of the pricing of services:

Service Description Provider One-time fee Rate for additional volume
Managed Review Conducted by professional attorneys specialized in outsourced managed document reviews Legal Outsourcing 2.0 na $25 per hour, 50 documents per hour, 4 pages per document
Additional Processors Increase the speed of processing your files with dedicated data processors GoldFynch Services $100
(processor available for 48 hours)
$100 per additional processor
Social Media and Mobile Text Import Import phone texts and social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or LinkedIn into this matter (coming soon) $25 per account +$55 per GB
E-mail Import Imports e-mails from Gmail, Yahoo, and other IMAP enabled accounts. Emails will be placed in a new case GoldFynch Services 35 per account +$15 per GB
Cloud Storage Import Import files and folders directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other popular cloud storage providers GoldFynch Services $15 per account +$10 per GB
FTP Upload Upload fils to GoldFynch via FTP. Beneficial in situations where your client needs to upload data GoldFynch Services $100 setup fee (includes 100GB transfer) +$1 per GB over 100GB
Custom Production Help Get help with creating custom Productions GoldFynch Services na $135 per hour of support
Technical Support Request Get additional support on your case for non-standard data and eDiscovery requests GoldFynch Services na $135 per hour of support