Primary dates

What are Primary dates?

Primary dates are dates used by GoldFynch to organize documents for purposes like searching through, sorting, and producing files. Most files and documents in GoldFynch have a Primary date.

Depending on the type of file, there is a default date that will be set as its Primary date when it is processed after being uploaded to GoldFynch:

Viewing Primary dates of files

You can see the Primary dates of files in either:

1) The 'Files' view

Navigate to the 'Files' view by clicking on the button in the left panel. The dates displayed against files are their Primary dates. Note that folders will not have dates attached to them.

Primary dates in the files view

2) The 'Docs' view

Navigate to the 'Docs' view. Move your mouse over the right-hand bar and scroll down to the section marked 'Dates.'

View and change Primary dates in the docs view)

For example, the Primary date of the file in the above image is Jul 8, 2013 12:08 pm CDT.

If the relevant metadata is available for a document, GoldFynch will automatically extract it and, along with the date, it will mention which field and the time zone it is taken from.

Changing the Primary date

From the 'Docs' view, you can change the Primary date by doing one of the following:

Places where the Primary dates are used

Ingestion Dates

What are Ingestion Dates?

The Ingestion Date of a file represents the date-time when a file begins to upload to GoldFynch.

Viewing Ingestion Dates of files

A file's Ingestion Date can be viewed from the Document Viewer (i.e. the 'Docs' view) in the right-hand bar under the 'Dates' section (see the previous image.)

Places where the Ingestion Dates are used