View files using the Search view

The 'Search' view allows you to get a more in-depth look at your files than the 'Files' view does, and to further refine your searches by filtering the results.

Viewing all files in a case

Navigate to the 'Search' view by clicking on the 'Search' button in the left navigation panel. You will see the following screen:

Search view

Click on the bold 'see all documents' link at the end of the message. This will display all the files in your case in the 'Search' view.

Note: When a search is active, the ‘Search’ view will be populated with search results rather than the ‘see all documents’ message. You can see the current search query in the top-left corner of your screen. Click on the 'x’ button in the top-left corner to clear the search query, then click on 'see all documents' to view all the files in your case.

The search view and its functions

Interacting with the search results

Regardless of whether you are viewing all the files in your case or a set of search results, you will see a screen similar to the one above. From here, you can:

Removing and editing a search query

Sorting and filtering in the right panel

In the panel found on the right of your screen, you can sort and filter your results:

The right-hand panel

By applying a filter, you can view all files that are assigned a certain tag, all files that were created on a certain date, etc. This is effectively the same as directly running a search for the filter's criteria.

NOTE: You will only see filtering options for categories that exist in your search results. For example, if there are no PDF files in your search results, you will not be shown PDF as an option under sorting by document type.