Step 1. Sign in to your GoldFynch account

GoldFynch Sign In

Step 2. Open the Case Creation screen

First time logging into GoldFynch? Click on "Create a Free Case"

GoldFynch Create a Free Case

Or logged in before? Click on the "+New Case" button:

GoldFynch Create a Free Case

Step 3. Pick a name, plan, and time zone, and you're good to go!

GoldFynch Create a New Case

All new accounts get a 512 MB free case. To get your free case, move the slider all the way to the left. Each account is eligible for only 1 free case. Once deleted, the free case option will not be available to the account.

If you select a paid plan, you'll need to click on the "Setup a payment method now" button:

GoldFynch Billing

Then click on the "Payment Methods" tab, then "Add a payment method"

GoldFynch Billing

After adding a payment method, you'll be returned to the case creation screen to finish the case creation steps. Once you're done, click on the "Create Case" button.