Search by file name

Directly search for a file by its file name. Here's how:

Step 1. Type the file's name, or a portion of it, into the Search Bar found at the top of the screen in your case and wait for a few seconds. A list of suggestions of file names containing the queried text is displayed, along with the files' file paths in your case

Step 2. Click on a suggestion matching the file you are looking for to open it in the Document Viewer (i.e. 'Docs' view)

Search by file name

NOTE: It is possible that there are multiple files with the same name in your case; look at the file path to help narrow down on the one you wish to view.

You can also search for files in productions created in GoldFynch using their Bates numbering

Want to perform more complex searches?

If you want to run slightly more nuanced searches, check GoldFynch's Advanced Search system!

Some of the things it lets you do include: