Document Kits

When producing documents in GoldFynch new versions of the files are specifically created for the production based on the format specified. Additionally, the files may be named using Bates numbering and may have Bates stamping added to them.

GoldFynch's Document Kit function lets you download these produced versions of files. You can even specify the produced version of the file that you would like to download for files that are found in multiple productions. The system also lets you download files found in productions that were imported into GoldFynch.

Additionally, Document Kits provide a convenient way to export documents in bulk (whether they are found in productions or not) from GoldFynch by tag or advanced search, and by Bates range in the case of produced documents.

Creating a Document Kit

The step-by-step process of creating a document kit is described below.

Step 1. Click on the Reports & Document Kit button in the left navigation panel

Reports & Document Kit icon

Step 2. Click on the Document Kit tab

Document kit tab

Step 3. Click on the +New Document Kit button in the top-right corner

Step 4. Enter a name for the Document Kit

Create a document kit by bates range

Step 5. Select a document kit source by clicking on the appropriate button. See the Document Kit file source section below for more details on how to select the files

Select a file source for the document kit

Step 6. Select the production version to be included. Find more information in the section below

Select the production version to be included

Step 7. Select the file naming convention you want to use

Select file naming convention

Step 8. Select the PDF output type you want the files exported to

Select output PDF format

Step 9. Click on the Analyze criterion button to review an overview of the document kit. The details of the overview are described in the section below

Step 10. Click on the Create button to submit your document kit for creation.

Note: Once you submit the document kit for creation it will be listed in the Document Kits tab of the Reports & Document Kits view. Initially, a status of in-progress will be displayed in the Completed column. Once the document kit has been created this will be updated to the Completion date and time. You will then be able to download the document kit

Details of document kit overview under "Analyze criterion"

When you click on the Analyze criterion button a summary of the document kit you are about to create will be generated for your review. The information provided is as follows -

The other details that are shown are -

Overview of document kit that is to be created

Note: Click on the + button next to a field to get a detailed breakdown

Document Kit Options

Here is a detailed description of the options provided for creating a document kit

Document Kit File Source

The Document Kit system lets you choose how files are to be added to the document kit. There are three ways in which you select the files:

  1. By Bates Number Range: This option can be used when considering files from completed or imported productions. You can specify the Bates range from one or more productions when you use this option. You can even select multiple Bates ranges. When selecting files by Bates number range you need to -

    • Click on the + Add Bates Range button

      Add Bates Range

    • Select "" no prefix to enter a range of Bates numbers that don't have a prefix or select one of the available prefixes listed, to enter a range of files that have prefixes. For e.g., if there are files produced with Bates numbers AB001, AB002, AB003, etc. then "AB" will be listed as one of the options in the prefix dropdown

      Select prefix and enter range

    • Enter the Bates number range


    • Use the +Add Bates range button to add multiple ranges with different prefixes
    • Padding with 0s will not be taken into account for Bates ranges, so files with ranges 1,2,3, etc., and 0001, 0002, 0003, etc. will show up as options. You will be able to specify which of these you want to include in the Production version selection and prioritization step. The process to select the production version has been described in the next section
    • If the same prefix is used in multiple productions, this will be mentioned under the box with the text "Available in X productions"

      Bates found in multiple productions

  2. By Tag/Saved Search: You can use this option to include documents that you have tagged during review or that are part of the results of a saved search. To use this option -

    • Select the By tag/saved search option
    • Select a tag/saved search from the dropdown

      File selection by tag

  3. All Documents: This can be used to include all files in your case in the Document kit.

    Create a document kit with all documents

Note: When including files by Tag/Saved search/Everything, files will be included regardless of whether they are in productions or not. However, for files that are part of productions, only the produced versions will be included (as per the option selected in the next section "Production version selection and prioritization")

Production version selection and prioritization

Suppose the selected files have been included in multiple productions, this option gives you the ability to choose which production version of a file should be included in the Document Kit. Please take note that all the files selected in the previous section "Document kit file source section" will be included in the Document kit and this option only helps you to specify which version of the files will be included

The options to select the production version are:

Output file naming convention

This option lets you choose how you want the files in the Document Kit to be named. The available options are:

Note: In case there are files with no Bates numbers (e.g. if you selected "All Documents" or selected files by tag or advanced search) then these files will have their file name prefixed with "NO BATES" regardless of the selection made.

PDF Format for Document Kit

All the files in the document kit will be PDFs but you can choose the PDF format from the following options:

Downloading Document Kits

Document kits can be downloaded once the creation process has been completed. The processing is complete when the date/time is updated under the Completed column in the Document kit tab

Click on the Download button against a document kit to download it

Download Document Kit

Renaming Document Kits

  1. Click on the pencil icon against a document kit

    Rename document kit

  2. Enter the new name in the Rename Document kit screen overlay

    Enter new name for document kit

  3. Click on the arrow button to update the name of the document kit

Re-use Document Kit parameters

You can create a new Document Kit using a document kit that was previously created as a template by making use of the Re-use document kit settings feature

  1. Click on the reuse icon

    Reuse settings

  2. Enter a name for the new document kit

    Enter Modify parameters

    Note: The New Document kit screen will be populated with the parameters used in the document kit that is being re-used

  3. Modify any of the parameters if required

Note: When you re-use settings to create a new Document Kit, it will be based on the current state of the case. For example, if your old document kit was made using a specific tag that has since been deleted, it will deselect the tag and you will need to choose a new one. Similarly, if the Document kit was made using Bates numbers from a production that you delete, you will not be able to include the produced versions of files from that production any longer.

Deleting Document Kits

  1. Click on the trashcan icon against a Document Kit

    Delete document kit

  2. Click on the Delete button in the confirmation window that appears to delete the Document kit

    Confirm Delete

Note: A Document Kit once deleted will be removed from your case and you will not be able to recover it. However, the original files and produced versions will not be affected.