Uploading files to GoldFynch

To access your case files on GoldFynch, they first need to be uploaded to the platform. Below are the steps to do so through your web browser.

Preferred formatting of uploaded files and folders

The best way to upload a folder or a group of files is to zip it and then to upload the zip file. There are additional benefits to uploading zipped files:

How to upload files:

1. Navigate to the folder you wish to upload files to in the 'Files' view

GoldFynch lets you upload your files by dragging-and-dropping them into your web browser, or by selecting them using a file selector window that lets you browse through files on your system.

Navigate to files view

Create new folder if needed

2. Choose upload method

Method 1: Drag-and-drop

The easiest way to upload files is by dragging-and-dropping them directly onto the 'Files' view in GoldFynch. When using drag-and-drop, copies of the files are created on the GoldFynch server and the files on your computer remain intact and untouched.

  1. Open your File Explorer (or Finder window on Mac,) and select the files you wish to upload

  2. Left-click on the files and drag them to your browser window onto the center of the screen, then release the mouse button

Upload using drag and drop

Method 2: Browse through files on your computer

Don't want to drag-and-drop?

Upload through the upload files button

Cannot upload folders error message

3. Confirm upload(s) and set custodians and sources

After either drag-and-dropping the files or selecting files with the Upload Files button, you will be shown an overlay:

Confirm the files you are uploading and their destination folder, and enter a custodian and source if you wish

It will display:

You can either:

Assigning a custodian or source to files will allow you to:

Find out more about custodians and sources here

4. Track upload progress

The status of your uploads can be tracked from the 'Uploads' view, the uploads button in the left pane, and the uploads pop-up bar in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Uploads view

View upload status from the 'Uploads' view

Apart from displaying the status of currently-uploading files, the 'Uploads' view lists files that were recently uploaded:

Recently uploaded files are displayed on the Uploads view

View upload status from the Upload icon in the left pane or the pop-up upload bar in the bottom right corner

After a file has been uploaded, it is processed by GoldFynch. This is shown in the 'Files' view

Upload features

GoldFynch makes uploading feel effortless:

Uploading from other platforms

To find out more about uploading files from specific platforms, refer to these articles in GoldFynch's Knowledge Base

Additional reading

Add-on services to upload files

As additional services, it is possible for the GoldFynch team to directly source files from your clients', or your own:

GoldFynch can also requisition additional processors for you that speed up the processing rate of your uploaded files.

Learn more about these services here.

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