Navigation Contexts in GoldFynch

When you view a document in a listing of documents (e.g., a search listing, tag listing etc.,) GoldFynch can ‘remember’ where you were in viewing the files so that you can return to your position in file review even if you navigate away from the document.

Triggers for Navigation Contexts

The navigation context appears whenever you open a file in the Document Viewer. This can be caused when:

So this is also possible when browsing through files or opening files in the Document Viewer (i.e. even when you are not searching.)

Using Navigation Contexts

It can be toggled open and closed by clicking on the button in the top-right corner, and the panel opens on the left of your screen.

Open and close the Navigation Context panel

Each set of navigation contexts has a toolbar at its top:

The Navigation Context toolbar lets you rename, cycle through, and delete a context

If you open a new Navigation Context it will be in a new context panel and you can return to the old one(s) at any time

You can see which file you have reviewed and which ones are unviewed

For the navigation context itself:

It is possible to have a situation where a file comes up as a search result and is opened in the Document Viewer, but is also shown to have its own file family, and thus a different but valid context. In this scenario (and in general in similar scenarios) you can click on the Make Active buttons to move into and back from the other navigation context, with the search results still being in place.