DXF and DWG support

GoldFynch supports and boasts advanced processing tools for the DXF and DWG file formats. DXF and DWG are file formats originally created for use with the design and drafting software AutoCAD to build complex 3D and 2D models and plans by engineers, architects, city planners, etc. They have now become widely adopted for other computer-aided design (CAD) & engineering programs. DWG uses binary encoding, and DXF uses both ASCII and binary encoding (only a few services support the binary format of DXF, however.)

Importing files with DXF and DWG formats

Follow the basic steps of uploading as with any other file. GoldFynch will automatically process them as required, and you will be able to access them once the processing is complete.

upload the file as usual

Processing of files

During processing, GoldFynch will automatically:

Producing DWG and DXF files

Follow the usual production process, and during Step 3. Production Output, select the option that matches the format you want for your files.

Choose a production format