Case plans

GoldFynch offers case plans starting at 1 GB, up to 150 GB and even larger. It also provides each account with a free, 0.5 GB trial case.

Available case plans

Size Price/Month Price/GB
512 MB Free -
1 GB $10.00 $10.00
3 GB $25.00 $8.33
5 GB $35.00 $7.00
10 GB $70.00 $7
15 GB $100.00 $6.66
25 GB $165.00 $6.60
50 GB $315.00 $6.30
75 GB $465.00 $6.20
100 GB $600.00 $6.00
150 GB $825.00 $5.50

Case volumes above 150 GB increase in 50 GB increments at the rate of $275 per 50 GB. For cases over 500GB please contact us directly at

Find detailed case and pricing information on the GoldFynch Pricing page.

Premium cases

All premium (paid) cases:

Trial cases

A free case that an account receives:

If a free case exceed the volume limit, a member of the GoldFynch team will get in touch to ask whether you wish to upgrade the case. If you don't wish to, you needn't take any further action - the case will be automatically deleted after a week.

Changing case plans

All cases can be upgraded to accommodate a larger file volume. To create premium cases, you'll need to enter payment information first. GoldFynch will alert you when your case exceeds its size limits, so choose a smaller case size when in doubt.

NOTE: To change case size for premium cases you will need to have a payment method set up.

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Settings' view

Settings view

Step 2. Click on the Change Case Plan tab

Add a payment method if needed

Add a payment method

Enter your credit card details and click save payment method button

Step 3. Choose a plan

Choose new case plan

NOTE: You'll be given a confirmation message like the one below to let you know the plan has been successfully changed.

Confirmation case plan has been changed

Click here to find out about the other ways of setting up payment methods