Production Log

When creating a production set, the original file names are replaced with a Bates number sequence, which can make it cumbersome to locate the original file. The opposing party only has access to the Bates number and will only reference content based on the Bates. GoldFynch's production log feature makes it easy to cross-reference back to the original file from the Bates number with just one click.

What is a Production Log?

When you create a production set in GoldFynch, a log is created. The log is an interactive listing of all the files that are contained in the production set. The production log is formatted as a CSV and can be opened in Excel or similar software.

Accessing the Production Log

Step 1. Click on the Productions button in the left navigation panel.

Step 2. Click on the Requested Productions tab

Navigate to the Requested Productions tab

Step 3. Click on the ... button against the production whose log you want to view

How to access the Production log

Step 4. Click on the Production Log option

Information in the Production Log

The production log will open in a tab alongside the Production Wizard, Requested Productions, and Control Parameters tabs. Once in the production log, the listing of files is available along with:

Production log listing

Downloading the Production Log

Step 1. Navigate to the Production log you wish to download using Step 1-3 of the previous section

Step 2. Click on the Download Log button to download a copy of the production log (in .csv format)

Click to download production log

Cross-referencing files using the Production Log

Click on a file name on the production log page to be taken to the original file in the Document Viewer(the 'Docs' view).

When viewing a file in the 'Docs' view, all the productions that the file is present in are displayed in the right panel.

Production cross-referencing

Filtering and searching for files in the Production Log

You can search for files in the text filter bar (shown in the image below). As you type into the bar, the production log will interactively highlight and filter files, reducing the displayed entries to names and Bates ranges of near matches to what you have typed in the filter bar.

Type into the bar to filter

Deleted, redacted, and native items can also be filtered by checking their respective checkboxes.

Toggleable production log filters

Download the Production Load File

You can also download production load files from the Production Log tab. Just click on the Download Production Load File link to do so. Learn more about downloading production load files here

Download production load file