Privilege Logs

You can create privilege logs in GoldFynch using its reports, tagging, and tag notes systems to control the descriptive information that is added against each file in a report.

Marking information as privileged

Step 1. Set tag as "privileged" as described here

Step 2. Tag files as you usually would, using tags you marked as "privileged". Add Tag application notes at this point if you wish (or if you have entered a default reason for privilege tags, this will be automatically be added).

Note: Whether done at this point or at an earlier time, tagging files as privileged is necessary to generate a privileged log

Generating the Privilege Log

The process of creating a privilege log is similar to creating a regular report.

Step 1. Go the Reports view and click on the +New Report button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Report View

Step 2. Select an option from the drop-down menu to indicate how you wish for files to be added to the log. A privilege log can be generated using any of the available report types:

Create New Privilege Log

Step 3. Enter a name for the privilege log

Step 4. Choose what descriptive information needs to be restricted. This will be applied to each file in the report unless they don't have any information in that field


Step 5. Select an output format

Step 6. Click on the Create Report button in the New Report screen overlay

Comparing a Privilege Log with a Regular Report

In a regular report when you choose to include tag names and tag application notes all the values will be displayed irrespective of whether they are privileged tags or not. In comparison, a privilege log will only include tag names and tag application notes that have been tagged as privileged. (Note: irrelevant fields have been hidden in the images below.)

Regular Report (Image 1) Here, the report options are set to include all categories (including document notes and annotations).

Regular Report

Privilege Log (Image 2) Here, the “Tags” and “Tag notes” categories were set to include only privileged tags and tag application notes. (Note: as document notes and document annotations were included, those still appear).

Privilege Log

Lets us compare Image 1 and Image 2: