Managing payments on GoldFynch

The Goldfynch Payment Methods and Billing system are set up so that it is linked to your account as a whole. Invoices are generated for all the cases in your account based on monthly usage.

To add a credit card, follow the steps below. For other ways to manage your card, billing, and payment-related activities, scroll down to the next section about the Billing Screen

Managing credit cards from the App Settings page

Adding a credit card

Step 1. Log into your GoldFynch account

Step 2. Click on the Menu button in the top-right corner of your window

Go to the App Settings screen

Step 3. Click on the App Settings button

Add or remove a payment method, or mark one as default

Step 4. Click on the Add a payment method button

Step 5. Enter your credit card details on the secure payment page

Enter credit card details

Step 6. Click on the Add payment method button at the bottom of the screen overlay

Deleting a credit card

Step 1. Navigate to the App Settings screen as described above

Step 2. Click on the Payments Tab

Step 3. Click on the trashcan button that appears against the credit card that you wish to delete

Step 4.Type DELETE in the textbox that is displayed and then click on the -> button

Delete Card

Setting a credit card as your default card

Step 1. Navigate to the App Settings screen as described above

Step 2. Click on the Payments Tab

Step 3. Mouse over the details of the card on the 'Payment Methods' tab that you wish to set as default

Set card as default

Step 4. Click on the 'Make Default' button that appears

Managing payments and billing information using the Billing Screen

The Billing Screen consists of a billing summary at the top of the page and the details of past invoices listed below. From here you can review your billing details, download invoices, and make payments.

The billing summary displays the following information:

Note: To manage your payment methods, click on the "Manage" link found below the payment method on the Billing Screen. You will be redirected to the Payment Method tab of the App Settings screen.

Billing Screen

Making a Payment

Step 1. Navigate to the Billing Screen as described above

Step 2. Scroll to the month you wish to make a payment for

Note: Unpaid invoices will show a payment status of 'Not Paid'

Step 3. Click on 'Make a Payment'

Select month for payment

Step 4. Select a credit card

Make payment

Step 5. Click on Make a Payment

A confirmation screen will be displayed when the payment is completed successfully:

This screen confirms that the payment successfully went through

Under "Past Invoices" the "payment activity" for that month will have changed from "Not Paid" to "Paid."


Setup payment method while making a payment

Viewing details of your invoice

Click the details icon to see billing details

View Invoice Details

The billing details screen overlay contains the case plan, charges and billing time period for each case. It also shows the total charges for your account and any adjustments that have been applied.

Billing Details

Note: If a case has been archived then the billing details will list one line item for when it was active and another for when it was archived. The last case in the image above shows a case that was active, archived and reactivated.

Downloading your invoices

Click on the download icon to download your invoice

Download your invoice