Managing payment on GoldFynch

Read on to learn how to manage your payments on GoldFynch.

Adding or removing credit cards

1. Navigate to the 'App Settings' screen

Go to the App Settings screen

2. Click on the 'Payment Methods' tab

Add or remove a payment method, or mark one as default

Enter credit card details

Adding a card while making a payment

1. Navigate to the 'Billing' screen

Navigate to the billing screen

2. Select a month to pay for

Select a month to pay for

3. Enter your payment details

Enter your payment details and complete payment

Managing and making payments with already-added cards

Make a payment with an already-added credit card

NOTE: At this point you can still choose to add a new payment method. Just click on the Manage payment methods button.

A confirmation screen will be displayed when the payment is completed successfully:

This screen confirms that the payment successfully went through

Reviewing your payment status, billing details and downloading invoices

Under "Past Account Activity" the payment activity line for the month that payment was made will have changed from "Pending" to "Paid," as shown below:

Download your invoice or see billing details

NOTE: Billing is linked to your account as a whole, so you don't need to pay for individual cases - your payment is made for all the cases in your account based on your monthly usage.