Search for dates

As GoldFynch processes the files you upload, it scans for dates. These dates are extracted from the file's text and metadata fields. Some common fields are date of document creation and date of last modification. GoldFynch can spot dates in many formats (e.g. April 2002 or 04/01/2002).

How to search for dates

Using MM/DD/YYYY format

In this date-range example, we use the standard format: MM/DD/YYYY – MM/DD/YYYY. MM/DD/YYYY Format

Using Month Year format

Here, we instead use the date format: “Month Year – Month Year”. Month Year Format

2. Choose appropriate search query

The dropdown will provide search suggestions. When using a date range, be sure to select the date-range option from the autocomplete suggestions. Date Range Search

Video Guide

Want to perform more complex searches?

If you want to run slightly more nuanced searches, check GoldFynch's Advanced Search system!

Some of the things it lets you do include: