Deleting a case

If you wish to delete your GoldFynch case, follow the steps below. Note that once a case is deleted, it is completely wiped from the GoldFynch platform and all the data is irrecoverable.

If you might possibly use the data in the future, consider archiving the case instead of deleting it. This will store all the case information at a fraction of the case's regular cost. Archive cases are placed into "cold storage" and the process of archiving or retrieving cases from the archive takes between 24-72 hours.

What happens when you delete a case

How to delete a case

Step 1. Log into your GoldFynch account. If you are already logged into the account and are in a case, click the leave case button in the top-left corner of the page to go to the case listing page Go to the case listing view

Step 2. Click on the delete (trash can) icon against the case you wish to delete. Click on the delete icon

Step 3. On the case deletion confirmation screen, select a reason for deleting the case, and (optionally) leave feedback for the GoldFynch team. Your feedback is always extremely helpful for improving the product Let us know why you are deleting your case, type DELETE into the text box then click on the delete button

Step 4. Type the word "DELETE" - (all in capital letters) into the box at the bottom of the screen and click on the Delete button which becomes clickable

Your case will be completely removed from GoldFynch servers, and billing will cease from that point on.

A few things to note about GoldFynch's cases