Uploading Productions with Load files to GoldFynch

GoldFynch gives you the ability to upload productions with load files, and it will soon have a self-sufficient workflow to apply load files to your case on import. Currently, when you upload a production with a load file, you can request a production import. The import will be run within 24-48 hours by the GoldFynch team.

Upload a production with a load file to GoldFynch

Step 1. Zip the production on your computer if it is not already zipped.

Note: There is no additional charge for the service unless the data is malformed. In the case of malformed data, you will be notified and your approval will be required to proceed with the import (view GoldFynch's preferred formatting guidelines).

Step 2. Navigate to the Files view

Files View

Step 3. Drag and drop the zipped production onto the Files view. Alternatively, click on the Upload files button and then select the zipped production from your computer.

Step 4. Click on the Begin Upload button in the upload files screen overlay

Being Upload

Note: Click here to learn more about uploading files to GoldFynch

Step 5. When the upload completes, navigate to the 'Files' view screen and click on the Archive symbol against the uploaded production

View the uploaded zip file and click on archive

Step 6. Click on the Begin Import button to submit the production import request. The GoldFynch team will then run the import process and contact you once it is complete.

Begin the import process

Some important points to be taken note of while uploading productions

Take a look at the guidelines for importing productions for more information related to uploading productions.

You can view information related to each production that has been uploaded from the Requested Production Import overlay. The information displayed is related to:

Follow the steps given below to view the information related to the production that has been uploaded:

Step 1. Navigate to the Files view and to the folder that contains the uploaded production.

Step 2. Click on the Archive symbol against the uploaded production

Click on  the Archive symbol

Step 3. Click on the + against the production to view the different categories of information related to the production

View Uploaded Production Details

Step 4. Click on the + against each information category to view the details related to it

View additional information of uploaded production

Once you expand a category you will be able to view the information related to it, as shown in the image below.

Production import details

Issues with uploaded load files and file formatting

Any issues found related to the uploaded load file or the formatting of files in a production will be displayed as warning messages under the issues section of that Production. The GoldFynch team will get back to you regarding any issues found before they being the production import.

To view, the issues related to the uploaded load file follow Steps 1 - 4 of the previous section. In Step 4 click on the + against the Issues category

Issues related to the uploaded production load file

Any fields in the load file that do not match the required GoldFynch metadata fields will be listed under Metadata mapping to GoldFynch section of the selected production. It is possible to rectify issues here by formatting your production according to the GoldFynch file formatting guidelines listed here and then re-uploading it.

Metadata mapping to GoldFynch