Tag Notes

While tagging files in GoldFynch, you can attach 'notes' to the tags and quick tags you assign to files. This allows you to provide additional context for why a tag is being applied, or convey any other relevant information to the file(s).

Example of a tag note

Enabling tag application notes for a tag

Tags do not collect notes by default. To enable note collection for a tag:

1. Go to the 'Tags' view by clicking on the button in the left panel

Tags view button

2. Click on the ... icon against the tag that you wish to enable the behavior for - this will let you change its properties

Go to the tags view and click on the ... against the tag you wish to start collecting notes

Check the checkbox to enable tag application notes

3. Check the Yes, collect notes when this tag is applied. checkbox

4. (Optional) If you wish to make adding a note compulsory when a particular tag is added (e.g. PRIVILEGED,) check the Require that a note be specified. Tag will not be applied if a note is not specified. checkbox.

5. Click on the Save button

When a file is tagged with a tag that has a note attached to it, an icon is displayed alongside the tag's name, as seen in the image below for the 'Privileged,' 'Important,' and 'GoldFynch demo' tags

Notes icon

Assigning tag application notes

Tag application notes are assigned on an individual basis to files. That means that the same tag can potentially have different notes for each separate file it is attached to. However, it is also easy to apply tag application notes in bulk - just select multiple files when you are applying the tag.

Once you have enabled note collection for a tag, you can begin adding tag application notes to your files. There are many different screens across GoldFynch from which you can apply tags, and across each of them you will be given a prompt (as described below) when applying a note-collecting tag.

To assign the note:

1. Assign a tag that collects notes to a file or multiple files using any of the methods listed here

2. Enter the note that you wish to in the box that appears

Enter note and click on Continue

3. Click on the Continue button

If you assign a tag that requires notes to a file, you will not be able to move beyond step 2 above until you enter a note; the Continue button will be unclickable. You will be able to tell that the tag requires a note by the REQUIRED text.

When assigning multiple tags that require notes, you will be able to enter a separate note for each tag.

Enter notes for each tag

Viewing tag application notes

To view a tag note, just hover the mouse cursor over the tag and the note will be displayed in a window.

Hover the mouse cursor over a tag with the note icon to display the note

In the 'Docs' view, all tags notes attached to the tags of a file are listed in the right panel:

Notes listed in the Docs view

Tag Application Notes in Reports and Privilege Logs

In the Goldfynch reporting system when creating a report you can choose to include tag application notes of all tags or only of privileged tags. A privilege log can be generated from the reports system if you choose to only include tag application notes of privileged tags.

The format of the tag notes field in the report will be [Tag 1 Name]:[Tag note 1];[Tag 2 Name]:[Tag note 2].

Tag Note Options in Reports

Learn more about tag application notes in reports and privilege logs