Tracking App Activity using the Audit Log

You track the activity and changes to your GoldFynch cases by all users associated with a case using the Audit Log in the Case Overview view.

Audit Log for Standalone Cases

For standalone cases, you can view all the case activity for the last 24 hours.

Viewing the Audit Log

Click on the Audit Log tab of the Case Overview view. The case activity of the last 24 hours will be displayed by default

Default audit log view

In case you want to view the details of a particular event, you need to click on the ... button against the event

Details of transaction

To view the files affected by the change you need to click on the Affected Items tab

Affected items of a transaction

Filtering the Audit Log

1. Click on the Add Filter button in the top-left corner of the screen

Click on filter button

2. Select the field you want from the drop-down

Add fields to filter by

The fields by which you can filter are -

3. Enter the values you want to filter by, multiple values can either be entered in a separate line or separated by a comma

4. Click on Apply


List filter

Audit Log for cases associated with an Organization

For cases that are associated with an organization, you can view app activity for up to a year. You can even view the organizations/docs_organizations.mdapp activity for a particular date/time range.

The viewing of the audit log and the filtering of data will be the same as has been detailed for Standalone cases

Selecting a Custom Date/Time Range

To change the date/time range you need to click the date/time displayed at the top-right corner of the page

Change date/time range

A popup will be displayed and from this, you can -

Select date/time range

Click on the Apply button once you have made your selection. Then the case activity for the selected period will be displayed on the screen.