Archiving and Unarchiving a case

GoldFynch lets you archive cases that are more than six months old. You can also unarchive or retrieve an archived case.

How to archive a case

Step 1. Open the case that you wish to archive

Step 2. Click on the Archive button on the Overview screen

Screen Overview

Step 3. Click on the Archive button in the Archive screen overlay

Archive Screen Overlay

Some things to take note of while archiving a case

Archiving Options

At present Goldfynch offers one archiving option.

Standard Archiving

Standard archiving uses a nearline archive. Restoration of nearline archives is quick.

Storage Method: The case and all associated data will be pushed into a nearline archive. A nearline archive is a semi-online storage system.

Restoration Timeline: 24 hours

Pricing: The monthly cost of maintaining an archived case is 50% of its standard monthly rate. For example, a 10GB case would be $35 per month for nearline archiving.


Unable to Archive your Case?

The archive button on the overview screen will be enabled only if the case is eligible to be archived. A case is eligible for archiving when it is six months old. Demo cases are not eligible to be archived.

Not Eligible for Archiving

Click on the Check button against the Archive option in the overview screen to see why the case is not eligible for archiving.

Reason for Ineligibility

How to unarchive a case

Step 1. Log into your GoldFynch account

Step 2. Click on the Un-archive button against the archived case in the case view screen

Case View

Step 3. Click on the Un-archive button in the confirmation screen overlay

Unarchive Confirmation Screen Overlay

A confirmation screen will be displayed to let you know that the process has begun successfully, and the status of the process will be displayed below the case in the case listing page of your GoldFynch account. This process could take up to 24 hours and cannot be interrupted or canceled

Unarchiving in progress

Note: Once the unarchiving process is complete, the unarchived case will be subject to the regular billing plan rate on a prorated basis(i.e., if you unarchive a case in the middle of the month, you will only be paying that case plan's rate for the remainder of the month)

Deleting an unarchived case

Once you have unarchived a case, you can delete it if you wish to.

Deleting a case will:

Remember once a case is deleted, it is completed wiped off the GoldFynch system and is irrecoverable

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