Sharing Productions in GoldFynch

You can share a production's zip file directly from the production interface without having to download the file. The case is shared through a 'share link' that GoldFynch generates which you can either copy and paste to the person you wish to share the case with, or which GoldFynch can automatically email to them.

Additionally, you will be notified of the time and date the shared production was downloaded.

Production sharing steps

Step 1. Click on the Production button in the left pane to access the Production view

Production interface

Step 2. Click on the Share button against the production you wish to share

Share button

Step 3. Enter the name or the email address of the person you wish to share the production with and click on the Share button

Enter name or email address

Optionally, If you have entered an email address, you can check the "Automatically email invite to user" checkbox for GoldFynch to automatically send the user an email containing the 'share link.' (note: if you choose this option you need to enter a valid email address)

Step 4. Click on the Copy Link button to copy the share link. You can provide this link to the person you wish to share the case with and they will be invited to download the file or open it in a new case

User is invited

Once the person you are sharing the production with clicks on the link, they can choose to download the file from the link or create a new GoldFynch case with the contents of the production.

Shared user view

View production activity

As the sender, you will be notified of the time and date the production was opened/downloaded.

Production activity

Stop sharing production

You can always invalidate a share link by clicking the Revoke button on the right of the person's name/email address, preventing them from being able to access or download the production file. You can also reinstate access by clicking on the Reinstate button.

Revoke and reinstate share access