How to move files and folders in your GoldFynch case

After you have uploaded files or folders, you might want to organize them by moving them around. It's easy to do this on GoldFynch, and the GoldFynch directory structure is similar to your OS file tree view (Mac OSX or Windows). Here's how to move files and folders:

Case 1: Moving files to an existing folder

Step 1. Click on the Files view button in the left pane and navigate to the location of the files or folders you wish to move

Step 2. Select the files to be moved:

Step 3. Click on the Move button from the 'Actions' menu that appears on the right (3 in the image below)

Select files to move

Step 4. Click on the folder you want to move the files into

Select the folder to move the files and folders to

Step 5. Click on the Move button to complete the move action. Note that the button only becomes active if the selection you have made is valid

Case 2: Moving files into a new folder

In this situation, you will first need to create the new folder:

Step 1. Click on the Files view button in the left pane

Step 2. Navigate to the directory where you would like the new folder to be

Step 3. Click on the +New Folder button in the top menu (See the first image of this article.) This will create a new folder in the current folder. It will take a few seconds for the new folder to appear

Once the new folder appears:

Step 4. Repeat steps 1-5 as per Case 1 (above); select the files you wish to move and **choose this new folder as the destination