Quick Tags

GoldFynch has a special kind of tag called a "quick tag." Quick tags are designed to be quick-access tags to speed up your workflow. They are always displayed on screens from where tags can be created or assigned. They are different from regular tags in a few ways:

Converting Tags to Quick Tags and Quick Tags to Tags

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Tags' view by clicking the button in the left pane

Step 2. Check an empty 'Quick Tag' checkbox against the tag you want (click on the checkbox) to convert it into a quick tag. Similarly, click on a checked checkbox to uncheck it, converting it into a regular tag

A quick tag

For example, in the above image, 'Confidential' and 'Important' are quick tags.

TIP: Quick tags always have grey text/backgrounds

The places where quick tags can be applied from include:

Quick tags on the apply tags screen

Quick tags in the docs view

Quick tags in the search view

The quick tags automatically-generated with each case are: Privileged, Confidential, Non-responsive, Irrelevant, and Important