Hassle-Free eDiscovery: The Simplest eDiscovery Software for Small Law Firms

17 April 2019 by Anith Mathai eDiscovery small-law-firm

Takeaway: GoldFynch is eDiscovery software that’s powerful, but simple and affordable. You get, (1) Simple pricing – starting at $25 a month for a 3 GB case, (2) A simple sign-up – it takes minutes, not days, and (3) Simple software – it’s so intuitive that you already know how to use it.

There are so many eDiscovery applications on the market. So, which should you choose?

It’s tempting to say, ‘the most expensive one I can afford!’ After all, the more you pay, the better the product, right? Not always. Many eDiscovery applications target larger law firms. So, they have advanced features like ‘predictive coding.’ This is where the software looks for patterns in the way you review and label files and then makes suggestions automatically. The thing is, small law firms rarely need these frills. They’re exciting and cutting edge, but is that what you need when you’re trying to grow your firm and keep costs down?

GoldFynch: Proving that simple is best.

A new generation of eDiscovery software takes a different approach: How do we create an eDiscovery application that is powerful, but simple and affordable? GoldFynch is the front-runner of this generation. It solves the challenges your firm faces, but at a rock-bottom price (as low as $25 a month for a 3 GB case).

How does GoldFynch simplify eDiscovery?

And why is it popular with small law firms around the world?

1. Simple pricing: It’s easy to understand and budget for.

eDiscovery providers use two types of pricing strategies.

  • With ‘fixed volume’ pricing, storage space is divided into chunks (or ‘plans’)–e.g. 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, etc. And their prices have been set in advance.
  • With ‘per GB’ (or, ‘pay as you go’) pricing there aren’t any ‘plans.’ However big or small your case is, your bill is calculated based on a per-GB rate.

‘Per GB’ pricing seems more flexible, but it gets complicated. For most small and solo law firms, the size of a case keeps changing. So, with per-GB pricing, how do you calculate what you owe? Say you start with 3 GB of data. Then you delete 1 GB after a couple of weeks. What’s your bill at the end of the month? Do you pay for the largest size your case got to–3 GB? Or its average size–2.5 GB? That’s why pay-as-you-go applications have complicated charts explaining their pricing system.

By fixing volumes, GoldFynch simplifies its pricing. If you’re on a 3 GB plan, you’re paying for 3 GB of space. Add and delete as many files as you need to, as often as you need to. Your monthly bill is still predictable. That’s why there aren’t any charts on GoldFynch’s pricing page. Instead, there’s a simple slider scale. Move the slider up or down to choose the storage space (i.e., case size) you need. And you can see the price-per-month of that case. It’s that simple.

2. Simple signup: Get going in minutes, not days.

With per-GB pricing, there’s a lot you’ll need to clarify. Things like per-seat licensing costs, processing fees, and overage. That means emails and phone calls back-and-forth. Which can take days. All before you’ve even uploaded your first file. With fixed-volume pricing, GoldFynch bypasses all this. There are no ‘rates’ to calculate because the plans (and their prices) have been set in advance. Just choose the size that suits you and start working. Plus, if you need less space, you can downgrade your plan and pay less. Learn more about prorated pricing with GoldFynch.

3. Simple software: You already know how to use it.

GoldFynch is powerful but surprisingly simple to use:

  • Load the software as you do with email. No need to download and install anything. To start working, go to the GoldFynch website and sign in. It’s like checking email.
  • Move files around like in Windows. To upload files to GoldFynch, drag-and-drop them into your GoldFynch (i.e., internet) browser. GoldFynch handles all the complicated processing that follows.
  • Search as you do with Google. Type your keywords into the GoldFynch search bar. And GoldFynch handles ‘advanced’ searches too. So, with the right setup, you can give a complex command like: “Find all emails John Anderson sent Sally Nedry, which mention the Pfizer meeting. And which were sent before 2015.Learn more about advanced searches.
  • Access data like you do with Dropbox. If you store your eDiscovery files on your computer or private server, you’d only be able to access them when you’re at the office. Instead, GoldFynch stores your files in the Cloud (learn more about cloud eDiscovery). So, you can access them on-the-go – you’ll only need a laptop and an internet connection.
  • Leave the tech stuff to other people. The GoldFynch team will handle any technical issues that pop up. So you won’t need a dedicated IT department to help you troubleshoot problems. Plus, GoldFynch is designed, developed, and run by the same team, so technical support isn’t outsourced. Which means your tech issues get sorted out much faster.

Interested in GoldFynch?


  • It costs just $25 a month for a 3 GB case: That’s much less–every month–than the nearest comparable software. And hundreds of dollars less than many others. With GoldFynch, you know what you’re paying for exactly – its pricing is simple and readily available on the website.
  • It’s easy to budget for. GoldFynch has a flat, prorated rate. With legacy software, your bill changes depending on how much data you use.
  • It takes just minutes to get going. It runs in the Cloud, so you use it through your web browser (Google Chrome recommended). No installation. No sales calls or emails. Plus, you get a free, fully-functional trial case (0.5 GB of data and processing cap of 1 GB), without adding a credit card.
  • It can handle even the largest cases. GoldFynch scales from small to large, since it’s in the Cloud. So, choose from a range of case sizes (3 GB to 150 GB, and more) and don’t waste money on space you don’t need.
  • You can access it from anywhere. And 24/7. All your files are backed up and secure in the Cloud. And you can monitor its servers here.

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