GoldFynch Services

We’ve launched GoldFynch Services: customized solutions for uploading and storing your data.

Get customized uploads and software

Save time uploading files to GoldFynch

We can upload your files for you. Send us a hard drive with your files and we’ll upload them, resolve processing errors, and leave out data you don’t need processed.

We can also set up a secure FTP for you to upload your data.

Contact us for more on custom uploads, and a detailed quote>>

Price: Approximately $5-10 per GB, with a minimum of $100 (20 GB)

Get customized software for your GoldFynch case

Need to add new file types to your GoldFynch case? We already support a large number of extensions (like .jpeg, .mbox, .pst, etc.), but are constantly growing our list. Tell us the file type you need and we’ll build a custom processor for it.

Contact us to add new file types to GoldFynch>>

White Label Solutions

Contact us to talk about the white label solutions we can offer>>

Get access to other experts and resources

If you need custom software and we can’t build it for you, we’ll find you someone who can.

Choose which servers store your data stores data on cloud servers based in North America, but GoldFynch Services gives you other options.

Store data on a private server

  • We run GoldFynch on a ‘leased’ server dedicated solely for you. The server is still on a cloud farm hosted by a third party, but is exclusively yours. Data is encrypted and transmitted from your office to the server for processing and storage.

  • You get all the advantages of cloud computing. You don’t have to worry about server maintenance, upgrades, and backups; and you will also have access to the server from anywhere.

  • This costs less than the white-labeling option mentioned above, but more than the regular cloud option.

Contact us if you want a dedicated server>>

Store data on a server-cloud from your continent

  • We find you a cloud-provider on your continent. The servers used to store your data will be subject to the laws of your region.

  • You get all the advantages of cloud computing . You’ll automatically get our latest software updates and benefit from our proactive error handling. Plus, we handle maintenance.

  • The prices will be far less than the white label option, but higher than our North American prices (since cloud services outside USA tend to cost more).

Contact us if you want GoldFynch on a server-cloud from your continent>>