What You See is What You Pay for eDiscovery

Simplified plan-based pricing. Plans are tiered based on the maximum data volume you are allowed to store.

Upgrade or downgrade at any time as you receive or delete data.

Move the slider to see the different plans.


Max Storage Volume

Unlimited Free Productions

Unlimited Free Users

Unlimited Free Processing

Prioritized Support

Need more than 300 GB? Case volumes above 300 GB increase in 50 GB increments at the rate of $275 per 50 GB.

For enterprise level Organization features and pricing visit the Organizations page.

Questions? Check out our Pricing FAQ.

FREE to Trial, Affordable to Upgrade

Pay Only If Your Case Size Scales (over the free case limit)

At GoldFynch, we know how small law firms like yours are exasperated with the process of finding a quality cloud-based eDiscovery service that is affordable, reliable, easy to use and also transparent with its pricing.

GoldFynch offers you just that: an incredibly easy to use eDiscovery cloud software that is free to trial and affordable to upgrade to when your eDiscovery needs become more demanding.

No Credit Card Needed | No Sales Calls | No Obligation to Buy
Free case is restricted to one case per new account, with data volume less than 512 MB (Uncompressed)

Enterprise Quality eDiscovery,
Without Enterprise Pricing

While GoldFynch eDiscovery is without a doubt the most affordable cloud-based eDiscovery platform out there, it’s laden with rich user-friendly technical features to make eDiscovery easy, quick and cost-effective.
Here’s a list of GoldFynch’ s eDiscovery features that are second to none in the industry

Drag-n-Drop Uploads

Just drag and drop files and folders onto your browser window to upload them. Automatic data processing keeps things simple!

In-Browser Document Review

Review documents right in your browser, without the need for downloads.

Smart Searches

Search through documents, emails or even images of text. Quickly sort and filter your results.

Automated OCR Processing

Simply upload documents to commence OCR processing. OCR is free, for all our plans.

Machine Learning Assisted Searches

Leverage the power of advanced natural language based analyzer searches, saving time.

Use in Minutes

Enjoy an intuitively designed eDiscovery user interface. Start working in minutes, without training.


Access GoldFynch’s secure, automatically backed-up cloud data from any device, anywhere.

No-Hands Migration

Leaving your old eDiscovery software? GoldFynch staff are available to assist with migration.

No Credit Card Needed | No Sales Calls | No Obligation to Buy
Free case is restricted to one case per new account, with data volume less than 512 MB (Uncompressed)

Upload Your FREE Case, in Just Two Minutes from Now

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Pricing FAQ

What is the free case? Is it time-bound, or does it have any other limitations?

Every new account that signs up for GoldFynch gets a 0.5 GB free, fully-functional trial case. When you log in for the first time, you will be presented with a window asking if you want to create a free case. Or if you skip the window, click the “+ Create New Case” button. When you are asked to select your case plan, move the slider on the screen all the way to the left to see the free case plan.

The free cases are fully functional and are not time-bound. They do have two volume limits:

  • The total volume of data in your case (i.e., files you upload) cannot exceed 512 MB (0.5 GB)
  • The total volume of files processed cannot exceed 1 GB
If you exceed the free case plan volume you will be prompted to either add a credit card, after which the case will automatically upgrade itself to the nearest possible case plan, rounded up. If no action is taken, the trial case will be suspended and deleted.


  • Any productions from the free case will have a watermark that says “GoldFynch.com”
  • Processing is slower than that of premium cases as it is done on a first come first serve basis; if other free cases are ahead of yours, your files may take longer to process (also note that processing time varies based on the volume and type of files that you are uploading.)
  • Non-standard services like custom load file imports, or add-on services (which require support outside of the GoldFynch platform) are not accessible from free cases.