Open MBOX files directly in your browser

Use your favorite browser to open the MBOX file. All major browsers are supported (Chrome, FireFox, IE etc.)

View files locally on your computer

Our advanced javascript viewer loads the MBOX file locally on your computer. At no point does the file ever leave your computer. It is not transmitted across the internet or any server. So all your information stays confidential.

The MBOX file is not modified in any way

Unlike opening the MBOX in your own copy of Outlook, the GoldFynch MBOX viewer does not make any changes to the file and email metadata.

View raw file metadata such as MAPI properties

Blazingly fast load times let you quickly view thousands of emails, and email properties, without having to run any processing.

Make use of our other free eDiscovery Tools

No signups, installs, uploads or downloads. Run in-browser

PST Viewer

Quickly view the contents of your PSTs and OSTs

No signup, downloads or installs needed, it runs right out of your web browser, or as a Chrome Extension. No data is uploaded.

View your emails and their attachments without modifying them

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PST Analyzer

Identity data corruption and errors

No data uploaded, all information stays securely on your system

Avoiding upload and processing time to know if there are issues with your files

No file metadata is altered

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Hash Calculator

Drag and drop files to calculate hash values

Identify MD5, SHA1 and SHA512 hashes

Files, metadata and data remain un- changed

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Load File Viewer

Directly view load files to see produc- tion metadata

DAT and CSV load files supported

Easy access to load file encoding, format, headers, etc.

Avoid having to upload/process your entire production just to view the load file, file list, and metadata

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