GoldFynch Updates

29 February 2016 by Anith Mathai new-features search user-experience


  • Improved drag and drop allows you to upload files and folders of any size
  • Upload zipped files
  • Drastically reduce data organization/assembly time with Automatic Exact Duplicate Detection, which applies to previously uploaded documents as well. 
  • Continue working in the GoldFynch app while uploads are processing in the background. (Warning: navigating away from the app, at this time, halts uploads. This will be corrected in the next round of updates.) 
  • Improved error reporting for unsuccessful uploads. 
  • As always, enjoy Automatic OCR and detection of Dates, Names, Places and other material Entities within each file. (Includes Email Metadata.) 

The beauty of a Google-type search isn’t just that it returns results super fast, but that you find what you are looking for really fast. A simple query yields powerful results.

To provide a similar experience in GoldFynch we’ve included the following search features:

  • Filter within your results to find something specific. Essentially, search within your search.
  • Refine your search based on “snippets” of each result. When you select a file based on a “snippet”, GoldFynch will open the file of your choice and automatically navigate to the location of that particular “snippet” within the file, while highlights all other search results within the selected document 
  • Search for Entities in document view mode
  • Search by Date, either directly mentioned within a document or metadata dates (metadata date search works for email files only)
  • Date Parsing – don’t worry about all the variations of the date you’re searching for. GoldFynch understands every date variation and knows that “1-1-16” is the same as ”01/01/2016”


  • Produce your search yields using our Production Wizard and easily edit them to “ignore” or “delete” certain files 
  • Produce batches of tagged documents. (Produce all files tagged “signed contracts” or “hot docs”)
  • As always, automatic Bates number stamping is included and a breeze with our Production Wizard
  • Enjoy unlimited productions through GoldFynch


You asked and we answered: You want to interact with individual documents and groups of documents (like search results). You want to tag them, produce them, refine them, and ignore them while you’re producing and refining them. 

To give you more control over how you work with groups of documents in GoldFynch, we’ve come up with the following functions:

  • Tagging: Think of this as a stamp or a sticky note on a file. It doesn’t affect the way the file is used in the GoldFynch app at all. 
  • Tag individual files or groups of files
  • Use to Categorize or Call Attention to something
  • You can have as many tags as you want
  • Tags are “un-fixed” - you name your own tags
  • Does not affect your search results, unless you search for a tag

  • Coding: Coding is similar to tagging, but think of this as a tag with a superpower: codes affect your search results 
  • Use to Categorize in a way that will manipulate your search results
  • You don’t have to use Coding if you don’t want to 
  • You can code individual files or groups of files
  • You can not create your own codes. At this time there are 5 pre-set Coding options:
  • Privilege
  • Irrelevant
  • Confidential
  • Non Responsive
  • Important