Uploading Folders

29 January 2016 by John Ding new-features user-experience

You can now upload whole folders directly to GoldFynch. Just drag and drop the folder from your Windows explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) window directly onto the files view in GoldFynch. Remember you can only upload when you have the files view selected.
If you drag and drop a folder onto GoldFynch, it automatically detects its a folder and creates the identical folder view in GoldFynch.

As illustrated in the below example, when you drag and drop a folder to GoldFynch, it automatically detects a folder and creates the identical folder view.

GoldFynch File Upload

Don’t worry, you can still upload files by dragging them directly to GoldFynch. In fact, GoldFynch automatically detects whether a folder or a file is being uploaded and creates the corresponding view in GoldFynch. Go ahead and try out the feature today!

If dragging and dropping isn’t your style, you can continue to upload folders using the upload buttons on the top right of the files view.

Upload Folder Button

Check out our documentation for additional information