Optimize Your eDiscovery To Get More Done, Quicker

31 January 2024 by Uday Verma
Optimize your eDiscovery by (1) Choosing the right eDiscovery software, (2) Automating routine tasks, (3) Organizing your data, (4) Setting up data retention policies, and (5) Controlling costs

eDiscovery Sucks Until You Follow This Advice

24 January 2024 by Anith
eDiscovery sucks because it involves complex tasks, takes time, and can get expensive. The solution? Choose affordable, easy-to-use eDiscovery software that keeps your data secure and has good customer support. Here's what you must know...

Microsoft Outlook Isn't Enough For Email eDiscovery. Here's Why

18 January 2024 by ROSS
Microsoft Outlook can't help you search, organize, and present eDiscovery emails the way dedicated eDiscovery software can. So, eDiscovery with Outlook is nearly impossible. But you can do this instead...

Was sind eDiscovery -Aktenfamilien? Und sollte ich sie beschützen?

14 January 2024 by Anith
Dateifamilien sind Gruppen von zugehörigen Dateien. Wenn Sie diese 'Familien' in der eDiscovery aufzuteilen, kann Ihre Daten verderben. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie das Problem lösen können ...

6 Essential Tools Every Paralegal Must Know About

10 January 2024 by Anith
A Paralegal must have knowledge and understanding of (1) Document management, (2) Legal research tools, (3) Case management software, (4) Communication & collaboration tools, (5) Continuing education resources, and (6) eDiscovery software.