6 E-mail eDiscovery Dateitypen (muss wissen): PST, MSG, EDB, OST, EML & MBOX

14 February 2024 by Uday
1) PST: Eine Gruppe von E-Mails. 2) MSG: Eine einzige E-Mail. 3) EDB: Eine E-Mail -Datenbank auf einem Server. 4) OST: Offline-E-Mails, 5) EML: Eine einzelne Nicht-Outlook-E-Mail. 6) MBOX: Eine Gruppe nicht-outlook-E-Mails.

Why the best eDiscovery software automatically processes your files, and for free!

14 February 2024 by ROSS
eDiscovery file processing is a complicated task and that is why free automatic processing of your files is a game changer..

Are Your Firm's Legal Teams Doing eDiscovery Right?

07 February 2024 by Anith
Want to become better at eDiscovery? Set up smoothly functioning eDiscovery legal teams. This means centralizing/decentralizing your approach, designating roles, and encouraging upskilling/training to match eDiscovery trends.

6 Types de fichiers eDiscovery e-mail (doivent savoir): PST, MSG, EDB, OST, EML & MBOX

03 February 2024 by ROSS
1) PST: un groupe d'e-mails. 2) MSG: un seul e-mail. 3) EDB: une base de données de messagerie sur un serveur. 4) OST: Courriels hors ligne, 5) EML: un seul e-mail non-Outlook. 6) MBOX: un groupe d'e-mails non-Outlook.

Optimize Your eDiscovery To Get More Done, Quicker

31 January 2024 by Uday Verma
Optimize your eDiscovery by (1) Choosing the right eDiscovery software, (2) Automating routine tasks, (3) Organizing your data, (4) Setting up data retention policies, and (5) Controlling costs

eDiscovery Sucks Until You Follow This Advice

24 January 2024 by Anith
eDiscovery sucks because it involves complex tasks, takes time, and can get expensive. The solution? Choose affordable, easy-to-use eDiscovery software that keeps your data secure and has good customer support. Here's what you must know...

Microsoft Outlook Isn't Enough For Email eDiscovery. Here's Why

18 January 2024 by ROSS
Microsoft Outlook can't help you search, organize, and present eDiscovery emails the way dedicated eDiscovery software can. So, eDiscovery with Outlook is nearly impossible. But you can do this instead...

Was sind eDiscovery -Aktenfamilien? Und sollte ich sie beschützen?

14 January 2024 by Anith
Dateifamilien sind Gruppen von zugehörigen Dateien. Wenn Sie diese 'Familien' in der eDiscovery aufzuteilen, kann Ihre Daten verderben. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Sie das Problem lösen können ...

6 Essential Tools Every Paralegal Must Know About

10 January 2024 by Anith
A Paralegal must have knowledge and understanding of (1) Document management, (2) Legal research tools, (3) Case management software, (4) Communication & collaboration tools, (5) Continuing education resources, and (6) eDiscovery software.

What Is Document Unitization In eDiscovery

03 January 2024 by Uday
The process of splitting large bits of data into smaller manageable units is known as Document Unitization. The right eDiscovery software can easily guide you through this process

eDiscovery Is Changing Litigation. Is Your Firm Being Left Behind?

27 December 2023 by Ross
Smaller law firms have to do more with fewer resources. The solution? (1) Choose top-tier eDiscovery software, (2) Train your workforce to use this software, (3) Share resources with other firms, and (4) Be mindful of privacy & security.

How Much Should My Law Firm Pay For eDiscovery? (Hint: $25/mo Starter Case)

21 December 2023 by Anith
You can get an eDiscovery starter case (3 GB) for as little as $25/mo! And the fees stay just as economical as you increase your case limit all the way to 150+ GB!

Que sont les familles de fichiers eDiscovery? Et devrais-je les protéger?

18 December 2023 by Anith
Les familles de fichiers sont des groupes de fichiers associés. Et la séparation de ces «familles» dans Ediscovery peut gâcher vos données. Voici comment résoudre le problème.

4 Easy Ways To Convert PST Files into PDFs

13 December 2023 by Ross
To convert PST files to PDFs you can use targeted tools, outsource the coversion, or manually convert each email using Outlook. But when converting PST files for eDiscovery it is better to use dedicated eDiscovery software as they will preserve the metadata also

Improve eDiscovery With These Simple Data Privacy & Compliance Tweaks

08 December 2023 by Uday
As more and more technology is being used in eDiscovery it is very important know and follow data privacy and compliance guidelines. You can set up your own eDiscovery best practices by following four starightforward privacy and compliances concepts

Two Productive Days At Ontario's Law Clerks' Conference (ILCO 2023)

30 November 2023 by Anith
ILCO 2023 was a chance to learn, network, and be entertained. Here's what happened and why it's worth attending law conferences like these.

Corrupt Files Can Ruin eDiscovery! Here's How To Deal With Them.

21 November 2023 by Ross
Corrupt files in eDiscovery are a silent case destroyer! But you can tackle this hidden threat by learning how to spot signs of file corruption, use strategic recovery methods, and explore prevention options to protect your legal data.

Add Bates Numbers to PDF Documents Using This Method

14 November 2023 by Uday
What is Bates numbering? How does it work? How should you Bates stamp your PDFs, and what are some essential best practices? Here's everything you need to know about Bates numbering...

Why Your Business Will Suffer If You Don't Prep For eDiscovery

08 November 2023 by Anith
eDiscovery affects all businesses -- large and small. So, not preparing for it will cost you your time, money, productivity, and reputation. Here's what you need to know...

Here's How To Verify That A Digital Document Is Authentic

31 October 2023 by Ross
Digital documents have built-in features to verify that they're authentic. This includes digital signatures, metadata, hash values, and chains of custody. Heres what you need to know about each...

Here's Why You Absolutely Must Join a Paralegal Organization

24 October 2023 by Anith
We attended the 2023 LAPA paralegal conference and learned SO much! That's why we recommend all paralegals join one of North America's 'Big 5' associations. Here's everything you need to know...

How To Choose The Right File Format For eDiscovery? (PDF, Native, etc.)

18 October 2023 by Anith
Native files, TIFFs, PDFs, PSTs, and OSTs! There are so many file formats to choose from. Ideally, you want a native load-file production, but there are other acceptable options, too. Here's what you need to know...

What Are CRDOWNLOAD Files? And How Do I Use Them?

12 October 2023 by Anith
CRDOWNLOAD files are part of Google Chrome's 8-step download process. Here's how they work and (importantly) why you should generally leave them alone...

Why You Should Export Whole Mailboxes For eDiscovery (Not Select Emails)

04 October 2023 by Anith
You risk leaving behind crucial data when exporting small batches of emails. Instead, export entire mailboxes and do the sorting via your eDiscovery software. It's way more efficient and you'll be able to use niche review tools to speed things up dramatically.

How To Manage Large eDiscovery Data Sets [Hint: Software Matters]

28 September 2023 by Ross
Use this system to manage large data sets: (1) Create a detailed file inventory, (2) Cull unnecessary files, (3) Set up role-based user permissions, and (4) Choose scalable, cloud-based software. Here's why...

4 Ways to Open EML Files Without An Email Client

20 September 2023 by Anith
Here's how to open EMLs without downloading any new software: (1) Change their file extension & open them via your web browser. (2) Change their file extension and open them using the Notepad app. (3) Convert them to PDFs using an online converter. (4) Upload them to online eDiscovery software that is format-agnostic.

Facing A Lawsuit? Here's Where To Find The Data You'll Need.

12 September 2023 by Ross
The secret to efficient data gathering is to have a system in place. This means you'll (1) Create an inventory of data sources, (2) Categorize the data based on format, content, sensitivity level, etc., (3) Assign an owner/steward to each file, and (4) Protect valuable file metadata.

What Documents Will Your Attorney Need From You In A Lawsuit?

05 September 2023 by Anith
Use our simple guide to handling files for a lawsuit, and learn how to identify, collect, and organize crucial documents -- both digital and physical. Plus, read about an affordable tool that will simplify the whole process.

How To Minimize Expenses In A Lawsuit

02 September 2023 by Anith
Cut costs by focusing on these basics: (1) Explore what the lawsuit is actually about, (2) Invest in the right lawyer, (3) Discuss costs upfront & ask for discounts, (4) Create a system to manage your documents, emails, deadlines, etc., (5) Look for low-cost legal tools.

Facing a Lawsuit? You'll Need to Do This With Your Data.

27 August 2023 by Anith
There's a lot to do when you're facing a lawsuit and not much time to do it. So, here's how to prep for it (and the process of 'eDiscovery') in advance to save time and money.

The Expert-Approved eDiscovery Production Checklist

24 August 2023 by Carey
Use this 10-step checklist for your eDiscovery productions. It covers culling, tagging, privilege, sharing, and more.

What Is eDiscovery? An Average Joe's Guide (I.e., For Non-Lawyers)

16 August 2023 by Anith
eDiscovery is the process of collecting and reviewing case-related documents before legal proceedings. Here's what that means...

Web 3.0 and The Need for Attorneys

13 August 2023 by Anith
The need for attorneys at present is greater than ever with the evolution of Web 3.0 and its new set of rules and regulations. This decentralized, easily accessible, trustless and premissionless system will need someone to protect the common user and ensure that they know and understand the rules of the system

Why NALA's Paralegal Conference (2023) Was So Motivating

24 July 2023 by Carey
The NALA Conference 2023 was an excellent event for networking and knowledge-sharing for paralegals. Here's why the NALA Conference 2024 should be a must-attend for you!

So finden Sie heraus, wann ein Dokument oder eine Webseite erstellt wurde

01 July 2023 by Anith
Dateien und Webseiten haben 'Metadaten', die ihre Erstellungs-/Veröffentlichungsdaten verfolgen. Verwenden Sie also die folgenden Techniken, um herauszufinden, wann ein Word -Dokument, PDF, Google Doc oder eine Webseite erstmals erstellt oder veröffentlicht wurde.

Comment savoir quand un document ou une page Web a été créé

15 June 2023 by UV
Les fichiers et les pages Web ont des 'métadonnées' qui suivent leurs dates de création/publication. Alors, utilisez les techniques suivantes pour savoir quand un document Word, un PDF, Google Doc ou une page Web a été créé ou publié pour la première fois.

3 Exciting Themes From LawFest 2023 (Auckland, New Zealand)

09 June 2023 by Anith
LawFest 2023 in Auckland, NZ, was amazing! Key themes included AI, embracing uniqueness, improving customer experience in the legal sphere, and more. We are looking forward to LawFest 2024! Check out our entire experience here.

So konvertieren Sie eine MSG-Datei in eine PDF

20 May 2023 by Anith
Wenn Sie Outlook haben, speichern Sie Ihre MSG als PDF in der Software. (2) Wenn Sie keinen Outlook haben, verwenden Sie einen MSG-to-PDF-Konverter von 3rd-Party. (3) Wenn Sie eine sichere Konvertierung wünschen, verwenden Sie eine Ediscovery-Anwendung wie Goldfynch.

Was sind Null-Byte-Dateien und wie gehe ich mit ihnen um?

07 May 2023 by Uday
Während des EDIScovery-Prozesses tauchen häufig Zero-Byte-Dateien auf. Finden Sie heraus, woher sie kommen und wie sie mit ihnen umgehen sollen

Comment convertir un fichier MSG en PDF

27 April 2023 by ROSS
(1) Si vous avez Outlook, enregistrez votre MSG en tant que PDF à partir du logiciel. (2) Si vous n'avez pas Outlook, utilisez un convertisseur MSG-PDF tiers. (3) Si vous voulez une conversion sécurisée, utilisez une application eDiscovery comme Goldfynch.

So öffnen Sie MSG-Dateien [mit und ohne Outlook]

20 April 2023 by Anith
Für eine schnelle Überprüfung des Inhalts einer MSG-Datei verwenden Sie Microsoft Outlook oder eine zuverlässige Drittanbieteranwendung (z. B. den MSG/PST-Viewer von GoldFynch). Wählen Sie für komplexere Aufgaben wie eDiscovery eine spezielle Software, die Metadaten schützt und alle MSG-Typen öffnen kann.

What makes MSG File 'Classes' Easier To Identify With eDiscovery Software

14 April 2023 by Uday
Emails, notes, contacts, appointments and other information from Outlook as stored as MSG files. Each of these data types are identified by a message class. Instead of using third party applications to identify these message classes you can utilize your eDiscovery application to do the same

Quels sont les fichiers zéro-octets et comment puis-je les gérer?

07 April 2023 by Uday
Les fichiers zéro-octets apparaissent souvent pendant le processus d'Ediscovery. Découvrez d'où ils viennent et comment les gérer

Proportionality of Data in eDiscovery

03 April 2023 by Anith
The Internet of Things(IoT) brings with it a whole new set of data that can be used by law firms. But this data cannot be used as-is, a whole lot of research needs to be done to see if the cost and effort of retrieving this data will be beneficial for the case.

So überprüfen Sie, ob eine Datei bearbeitet wurde

28 March 2023 by ROSS
Um die Änderungen einer Datei zu verfolgen, untersuchen Sie die versteckte Datei Metadaten, um zu sehen, wer an einer Datei gearbeitet hat und was sie geändert haben. Sie können diese Metadaten mit speziellen Tools überprüfen oder einfach die Eigenschaften einer Datei betrachten. Um jedoch einen Schritt weiter zu gehen und unbeabsichtigte Metadatenänderungen zu schützen, möchten Sie Ihre Dateien ausschließlich über eine zuverlässige Ediscovery -Anwendung überprüfen

What Attorneys Can Takeaway From the Digital Forensics 'Mindset Shift'

21 March 2023 by Anith
The mindset shift in digital forensics views every tiny bit of data as potential evidence. This means that Attorneys will need to add technical know-how to their bag of tricks. Let us see why that is so..

Comment vérifier si un fichier a été modifié

15 March 2023 by ROSS
Toutes les modifications à un fichier sont automatiquement enregistrées sous forme de «métadonnées» en coulisses. Vous pouvez donc vérifier si un fichier a été modifié en utilisant des outils qui analysent ces modifications de métadonnées. Voici comment...

Multifactor Authentication (MFA): When Adding more Passwords is not the Solution

09 March 2023 by Uday
Multifactor Authentication is when an app uses more than one method of verification such as a password and a randomly generated security code or a fingerprint. Having multiple methods of verification adds an additional layer of security to an application. So make sure you check out an app's security setup before you register for it.

Lessons from the LastPass Hack: Strengthening Cybersecurity in eDiscovery

28 February 2023 by Ross
The LastPass hack seems like something out of a nightmare, but it teaches us valuable lessons about what causes (and prevents) security breaches.

Comment ouvrir des fichiers MSG [avec et sans Outlook]

15 February 2023 by Anith
Pour une vérification rapide du contenu d'un fichier MSG, utilisez Microsoft Outlook ou une application tierce fiable (par exemple, la visionneuse MSG/PST de GoldFynch). Pour des tâches plus avancées comme l'eDiscovery, choisissez un logiciel spécialisé qui protège les métadonnées et peut ouvrir tous les types de MSG.

The Power of Email Metadata for eDiscovery: Why Attorneys Rely on Email Headers

26 January 2023 by Ross
Email header metadata can play a pivotal role in your legal case. So make sure you know what it is, how it's tracked, and how you can view it for eDiscovery.

Have You Leveraged eDiscovery Tech To Build Hybrid Legal Teams?

11 January 2023 by Anith
The right eDiscovery tech can simplify your hybrid team's workflows by automating tasks, allowing real-time collaboration, tracking progress through smart analytics, and protecting data using zero-trust security. Crucially, it'll do all this for as low as $25 a month.

Document Kits: A Quick Way to Share Groups of eDiscovery Files

26 December 2022 by Ross
Want to share eDiscovery files without producing them? 'Document kits' let you gather files (using custom parameters) from multiple productions without changing those source productions. So you can rapidly make and remake kits instead of reworking entire productions. Here's how it works...

Why Your Law Firm's Brand Must Be Visually Consistent

20 December 2022 by Anith
To grow your firm, you'll need a visually-consistent brand that clients can easily recognize. So, try choosing brand-neutral applications that can showcase your firm's brand and value-added services. Here's what you need to know...

Should Your Law Firm Care About The Metaverse?

14 December 2022 by Ross
The metaverse will soon exist in some form -- even if not how Meta/Facebook currently imagines it. So, law firms should prepare for the upheaval by (1) Actively learning about new legal tech and (2) Trying out new applications -- even if they're not directly related to the metaverse. Here's why...

Why Law Schools Don't Teach eDiscovery [And Why They Should]

07 December 2022 by Anith
Attorneys burn out when overloaded with too many mindless, unfulfilling chores. So, the solution is for law firms to minimize their attorneys' grunt work, giving them higher-value, challenging projects instead. And the right tech can help with this rebalancing.

Have You Tried This Solution To Attorney Burnout At Your Firm?

29 November 2022 by UV
Attorneys burn out when overloaded with too many mindless, unfulfilling chores. So, the solution is for law firms to minimize their attorneys' grunt work, giving them higher-value, challenging projects instead. And the right tech can help with this rebalancing.

How Important Is Blockchain For Your Law Firm's Future?

22 November 2022 by UV
The blockchain will likely change how businesses pay for goods/services, protect intellectual property, set up contracts, and more. Here's why your law firm should (and shouldn't) care...

Why Your Startup Should Prepare for eDiscovery Litigation Holds

14 November 2022 by Ross
Avoid court sanctions for data 'spoliation' by preparing for possible litigation holds in advance. This means creating a data retention policy, installing reliable archiving systems, and learning about the eDiscovery software your attorneys will use for litigation.

What You Need to Know About eDiscovery Customer Support

09 November 2022 by Anith
Cloud eDiscovery is quick, affordable, and easy to use. But only if your eDiscovery provider has good customer support. And that depends on how well their support team communicates with their software development team. Here's what you might not know...

Has Your Law Firm Tried the Zero-Trust Approach to Data Security?

18 October 2022 by Ross
A zero-trust approach assumes that trust has to be continually earned. So, no one has blanket access to your firm's data - even if they have the right access passwords. Instead, they have to be periodically identified and authorized by your zero-trust system. Here's what that means...

The Lawsuit 'Data Rule' All Startups Should Know About

12 October 2022 by Anith
A key part of preparing for lawsuits is to have systems that protect vital data for eDiscovery. Here's why, and what you can do about it...

Is Your Law Firm Safe From Cybersecurity Hacks?

04 October 2022 by Ross
Many smaller firms try to cut costs by skimping on cybersecurity. But it's these firms that are most at risk from hackers. Here's why, and what you can do about it...

What Your Startup Needs to Know About eDiscovery

27 September 2022 by Anith
eDiscovery is a recurring theme for many startups, so it's worth knowing how to evaluate your eDiscovery software options. That way, you're certain your attorneys are working with software that matches your needs.

Can Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Affect eDiscovery?

20 September 2022 by UV
OCR can speed up eDiscovery by rapidly converting scanned documents, image-only PDFs, etc., into machine-readable text. But only if the OCR is accurate. Here's why...

Microsoft Vs Google For Your Law Firm [Or a Surprise 3rd Option?]

14 September 2022 by Anith
Here's a side-by-side comparison of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace - including storage, accessibility, app integration, and pricing. But there's a catch. For eDiscovery-focused reviews, you'll need to consider a 3rd option...

Are Digital Signatures Enough For Secure eDiscovery?

06 September 2022 by Ross
Digital signatures are a virtual lock-and-key system you can use to authenticate and protect important documents. But they're not enough for secure eDiscovery. Here's why, and what you can do about it...

Does Your Law Firm Do This to Keep Client Data Confidential?

30 August 2022 by Ross
Protecting your client's data is easy when you have the right eDiscovery software. Why? Well, it's a mix of Cloud security, multi-factor authentication, tiered user permissions, and more. Here's what you need to know...

Use This Tool to Stay ABA-Compliant With eDiscovery Pricing

25 August 2022 by Anith
The right eDiscovery software can help keep your law firm's pricing proportional to the effort, skill, and labor involved in each case. But only if it also has these essential features...

How to Find Out When a Document Or Web Page Was Created

18 August 2022 by UV
Files and web pages have 'metadata' that tracks their creation/publication dates. So, use the following techniques to find out when a Word document, PDF, Google Doc, or web page was first created or published.

Is Microsoft OneDrive the Best Cloud Service For Law Firms?

10 August 2022 by UV
OneDrive is the equivalent of a state-of-the-art digital filing cabinet, so it's great for storing files. But for more in-depth file reviews, you'll want to invest in a reliable eDiscovery application with vital tools like OCR, an advanced search engine, document 'tagging,' and more. Here's what you need to know...

How to Limit Who Can Access Your eDiscovery Productions

08 August 2022 by Ross
Not everyone on your team needs complete control of your eDiscovery case. So, the best eDiscovery applications let you match team members to one of four user levels - each handling different tasks like case review, strategy, admin, and billing. Here's how it works...

Does Your Law Firm Need a VPN for eDiscovery?

04 August 2022 by Anith
VPNs help you convert insecure public internet connections into secure private ones. But even if you don't use public Wi-Fi, your firm might still need a VPN to protect other aspects of your client's data. Here's why...

Handle Any eDiscovery Production Request With These Key Tools

28 July 2022 by Ross
Most small and midsize law firms need 6 key eDiscovery tools/features for productions: (1) Remote data collection, (2) An eDiscovery search engine, (3) eDiscovery 'tags,' (4) Reliable redaction, (5) Bates stamping, and (6) Metadata protection. Here's how to get them...

Why Microsoft Office Alone Isn't Enough For Your Law Firm

25 July 2022 by UV
Microsoft Office is great for informal document reviews, but law firms will also need eDiscovery-specific tools. (E.g., metadata protection, advanced searches, litigation-level redaction, and more.) Here's why, and a quick solution you can start using immediately...

How to Choose New Legal Tech For Your Law Firm

20 July 2022 by Anith
The right legal technology can streamline your daily workflows. But make sure to choose tech that solves your firm's actual problems rather than trendy tech that seems popular. Use our 7 general software categories as a starting point, and evaluate individual applications based on the key necessities we've outlined.

Here's What to Consider When Starting eDiscovery

13 July 2022 by Anith
eDiscovery can be overwhelming for first-timers, so the key is to subscribe to an affordable, easy-to-use eDiscovery subscription service. Here's what to look for, and an initial software suggestion to explore.

Why Simple eDiscovery User Interfaces (UIs) Speed Up Reviews

06 July 2022 by UV
A user interface (UI) is the face of your eDiscovery software. And newer, simplified interfaces convert your web browser into a high-end eDiscovery dashboard. Here's what that means for your file reviews...

How To Check If a File Has Been Edited

29 June 2022 by Ross
All changes to a file automatically get recorded as behind-the-scenes 'metadata.' So you can check if a file has been edited by using tools that analyze these metadata modifications. Here's how...

6 eDiscovery Production Checks You Can't Afford to Ignore

21 June 2022 by Ross
Can your eDiscovery software spot and fix production errors to do with: (1) Redactions, (2) Privilege, (3) Archives, (4) Native files, (5) File processing, and (6) Malware? Here's why it's important...

What The ABA's Competency Rules Mean For eDiscovery

15 June 2022 by Anith
The American Bar Association's 'Modern Rules of Professional Conduct' emphasize that attorneys must represent their clients competently. And with eDiscovery, this means keeping up with the latest tech developments. But that can be effortless if you make one key choice...

The New & Simple Way to Collect eDiscovery Data!

01 June 2022 by Anith
It's usually a challenge to collect eDiscovery data from multiple Cloud accounts (either your own or your clients'). But eDiscovery Collect streamlines the process to save you time, effort, and money. Here's how...

How to Edit PDFs for Litigation [An Attorney's Guide]

17 May 2022 by Ross
For basic PDF editing, you can use software like Adobe Acrobat Pro, NitroPDF, or PDFExpert. But as a long-term investment, you'll want to consider using eDiscovery software for litigation-oriented PDF review. Here's why...

Email 'Archives' Vs 'Backups': Which Is Better For Your Firm?

10 May 2022 by UV
Archives and backups are both ways of storing old emails, but archives let you actively engage with these emails in a way that backups don't. Here's what you need to know...

Should You Be Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) For eDiscovery?

03 May 2022 by UV
Artificial intelligence (data clustering, predictive coding, smart searches, etc.) is undeniably a powerful force in eDiscovery. But does that mean it's indispensable? Well, it depends on the size of your law firm. And here's why...

How to Open PST Files Using Google Chrome

01 May 2022 by Ross
To open PST files for free, add the 'GoldFynch PST Viewer' plugin to your Google Chrome browser. (Find it on Chrome's Web Store). And for more advanced PST review tools, upgrade to GoldFynch's eDiscovery service for an affordable monthly fee.

How To Make Your eDiscovery Productions Less Hackable

21 April 2022 by Ross
eDiscovery productions are most vulnerable when you're sharing them via email. That's why applications with inbuilt data-sharing options can make your productions much less hackable. Here's how...

How to Open MBOX Files Using Only Your Web Browser

14 April 2022 by Anith
Repurpose GoldFynch's eDiscovery software to open, explore, and print out MBOX files - all from your web browser! It's free for MBOX files up to 512 MB, and for larger MBOXes (more than 512 MB), monthly subscription plans start at $25 for 3 GB of storage.

How Do I Use Gmail for eDiscovery? [12 FAQs]

09 April 2022 by Ross
How do I download Gmail data using Google Takeout? Can I choose what to download? What format is it in? What happens to my Gmail labels? And what about my email metadata?

Why You Should Be Tracking Your eDiscovery Media Files

01 April 2022 by UV
eDiscovery applications often can’t process multimedia the same as regular documents. So, your audio and video files could get skipped without you knowing it. Here's the solution...

How to Convert Batches of Email Into PDFs

24 March 2022 by Ross
GoldFynch is the perfect online tool to convert batches of email to PDFs. Most importantly, it has bonus data review tools like an advanced search engine, quick file tagging, and secure redactions.

Why Is eDiscovery Impossible Without Data Filtering?

17 March 2022 by UV
Data filtering is a quick way of culling non-essential case files. But why is it so important? To answer that, we first need to understand how it works...

How Do eDiscovery Subscription Services Work?

11 March 2022 by Anith
With subscription services, a vendor runs their eDiscovery software online, and you access it via your web browser. It's a convenient way of outsourcing the hassle of operating the software/hardware while still using eDiscovery to grow your firm. Here's what you need to know...

Are You Spending Your eDiscovery Budget Wisely?

03 March 2022 by Anith
Law firms often overspend on eDiscovery data reviews. One solution is to shorten review windows by working more efficiently. But there's a better option...

Is Social Media the Future of eDiscovery?

24 February 2022 by Anith
Millions of people log on to social media platforms like Facebook every minute. But to collect this sort of data, we have to work through many technical, ethical and logistical issues. Here's why...

What is Tokenization? And How Does It Power eDiscovery Searches?

18 February 2022 by UV
Tokenization is how your eDiscovery software breaks up free-flowing sentences into discrete units (or 'tokens') that slot into a database. This matters because...

How Do eDiscovery Search Engines 'Read' Files?

09 February 2022 by Ross
eDiscovery search engines read your files by 'extracting' data. And this extraction involves splitting up a document's contents and slotting them into a behind-the-scenes database. A database your software can then skim to find the keywords, names, dates, etc.

How to Get Free Text Recognition (OCR) For Documents That Matter

30 January 2022 by UV
You can repurpose GoldFynch's inbuilt OCR tool for free & reliable text recognition for important files. Here's how...

Why Do Most eDiscovery Vendors Hide Their Prices?

27 January 2022 by Anith
Vendors don't display their prices publicly when they have an overcomplicated pricing strategy. And this is because (1) They've focused on the wrong software features, (2) They're charging for the wrong things, and (3) They haven't streamlined their systems. Learn more...

What to Consider Before An eDiscovery Meet-And-Confer

22 January 2022 by Anith
Here are 6 broad topics to consider before your first meet-and-confer: (1) Where's all the data stored, (2) How much of it will you preserve? (3) How will you collect it? (4) How will you search it? (5) How will you handle privileged information, (6) What production protocols will you follow?

How To Catch PST File Errors Quickly [5x Faster]

16 January 2022 by Ross
GoldFynch's PST Analyzer is a free online tool that helps you catch PST errors early. And it's 5x faster than Microsoft's SCANPST tool. Here's what you need to know...

How to Redact PDFs Securely [It's Free and Online]

09 January 2022 by Anith
GoldFynch is designed to handle eDiscovery-level redaction, so you can trust that your PDF redactions are thorough and complete. Plus, it's all online (no software to download and install) and free.

How to Handle eDiscovery for Gmail

03 January 2022 by Anith
Gmail is perfect for emailing but not for eDiscovery. So, export your emails as an MBOX file and then do the following to review and produce them...

Why Is Free, Automatic eDiscovery Processing Such a Big Deal?

02 January 2022 by Anith
eDiscovery processing is a complicated series of tasks that influence every aspect of your eDiscovery review. And that's why many vendors charge high rates to process your files. But there's an alternative that'll cut costs while giving you the same high standard of eDiscovery...

Is It Worth Using Smaller eDiscovery Vendors?

20 December 2021 by Anith
It used to be that the bigger the vendor, the better their software. But not anymore. With the latest tech trends, smaller vendors can outdo larger vendors when targeting the needs of small and midsize firms. So, here's what really matters when choosing new eDiscovery software...

How to Find Specific Emails in Your eDiscovery Case

18 December 2021 by UV
Start by using your eDiscovery software's 'quick search' feature, and then hone in on specific emails using 'advanced' searches. Remember, you can search metadata and attachments, too. Here's what you need to know...

How to Redact eDiscovery Files for Free

16 December 2021 by Anith
Use Cloud-based eDiscovery applications to redact your files for free. For example, eDiscovery software GoldFynch's free trial case comes with a fully-functional redaction tool you can use indefinitely. Here's what you need to know...

Get As Much eDiscovery Storage As You Want, Hassle-Free

14 December 2021 by Anith
Cloud-based eDiscovery applications can give you as much storage space as you need, in seconds. And the best ones make these storage upgrades effortless and affordable. Just make sure to choose software that fits your firm's other needs, too

Read This Before Fixing PST Files for eDiscovery

10 December 2021 by Ross
You can use Microsoft's ScanPST tool to fix corrupted PST files, but remember that this might change valuable file metadata. Here's why, as well as what you can do about it.

The Easiest Way to Handle Custodians in eDiscovery

08 December 2021 by Ross
It's hard to define who a custodian is when we're dealing with digital data. So you'll need eDiscovery software with flexible tools that can handle any type of incoming data. Here are the four most important things to look for...

eDiscovery Costs You May Not Know About

06 December 2021 by Anith
Choose the wrong eDiscovery software and you'll end up overspending on storage space, processing fees, reviews, and data security. Here's why...

How to Run an eDiscovery Search

14 November 2021 by Anith
Here's how eDiscovery searches work: You'll (1) Search for keywords, (2) Review the results, (3) Refine your search, and (4) Save/share your search. It's pretty easy, but there's a catch: You'll need the right kind of eDiscovery software. So, here's the solution...

How to Fix eDiscovery Load File Errors [It's Not What You'd Think]

07 November 2021 by Ross
There's no universal load-file structure, so troubleshooting errors yourself is near impossible. You'll need a vendor's help to go into the code and figure out the problem. But there IS something you can do to reduce load file errors. (Hint: It's about choosing the right eDiscovery software.)

What Are MBOX Files? And How Do You Use Them for eDiscovery?

18 October 2021 by Ross
MBOX files are one of the most popular formats for storing groups of email. They're easy to open, but for eDiscovery make sure you use the right software. (Hint: Otherwise, you'll ruin important metadata.)

Why Set Up eDiscovery 'Managed Reviews'?

12 October 2021 by Anith
Managed eDiscovery reviews give you access to rapidly scalable review teams that are both highly trained and cost-effective. They can take on lower-priority aspects of the review, which frees up your attorneys to focus on the strategy of building a defensible case.

eDiscovery Lessons From 2020 That Your Law Firm Shouldn't Ignore

10 October 2021 by Anith
The pandemic taught us that our eDiscovery software must (1) Have a remote data collection tool, (2) Support a range of file types, (3) Be low maintenance, (4) Offer built-in data security, (5) Work on slow internet connections, (6) Provide helpful collaboration tools.

Upgrading Your eDiscovery Software: How to Switch Providers Seamlessly

05 October 2021 by Anith
Switching eDiscovery providers is often stressful. But here's the secret to a seamless transition: (1) Explore your provider's transition services, (2) Create a transition plan, (3) Master the software before showing it to your team, (4) Set a budget and stick to it.

How to Open iChat Files for eDiscovery

27 September 2021 by UV
Open iChat files using specialized eDiscovery software so you can (1) Protect metadata, (2) Search the chats for keywords, dates, usernames, etc., and (3) redact privileged information.

What Are Microsoft Outlook's File Types for eDiscovery?

20 September 2021 by Ross
Outlook stores your emails as MSGs, EMLs, PSTs, OLMs, and OSTs. But Outlook isn't ideal for eDiscovery because it changes email metadata. Instead, find an affordable Cloud eDiscovery service that can handle all Outlook's file types.

3 eDiscovery Software Options First-Timers Should Know About

12 September 2021 by Anith
If you're trying to choose eDiscovery software, these are your options: (1) Repurpose the software you already have, (2) Use a simple Cloud eDiscovery service, (3) Invest in complex, advanced software. Here's what you need to know about each.

5 Simple Ways to Balance eDiscovery Costs Vs Quality

26 August 2021 by Anith
The concept of eDiscovery proportionality forces attorneys to keep costs in check, even as they search for the best possible tools for their cases. But with a little research and advanced planning, it's possible to balance costs vs. quality. The trick is to use Cloud software, choose reliable tools, and find an eDiscovery pricing system that keeps costs low in the long run.

eDiscovery Searches Are About More Than Just Finding Keywords

24 August 2021 by UV
Your eDiscovery software needs to do more than just look for keywords. It needs to help you make better searches. That's why the best search engines have features like advanced searches, slop searches, fuzzy searches, and more. Here's why that matters...

Here's How eDiscovery Software Identifies File Types

29 July 2021 by Ross
Your eDiscovery software has to identify the various 'file types' (documents, images, videos, etc.) in your case before it can process and prepare them for review. And it does this by analyzing a file's metadata, file extension, and/or its MIME type. Here's what that means...

The Wrong eDiscovery Software Can Ruin Your Data!

22 July 2021 by UV
Attorneys often choose eDiscovery software based on its price and features. But there's more to it than that. Poorly designed software can end up corrupting data, changing metadata, revealing privileged content, and more. Here's the behind-the-scenes information you should know about.

Is Your eDiscovery Software Subtly Diluting Your Law Firm's Brand?

14 July 2021 by Anith
Law firms need to expect more from their eDiscovery software than just cost-effectiveness. That's because the right Software as a Service (SaaS) business model and brand-neutral eDiscovery application can also help you grow your brand. But the wrong software can work against you by subtly crediting your eDiscovery vendor for your success. Here's what you need to know.

What Is eDiscovery Data Compression? And How Does It Work?

13 July 2021 by UV
Compressing data will save you space and speed up file transfers. But how does it work? Here's what you need to know about file archives, checksums, lossy/lossless compression, and more.

What Does 'Normalizing' eDiscovery Data Mean?

04 July 2021 by Ross
Normalization is the process of making sure all your data is stored using a uniform set of rules (e.g., using a specific format for phone numbers). But why is this a big deal? And why will eDiscovery fall apart without it?

Inside Scoop: Why eDiscovery Software Is Hard to Design

27 June 2021 by UV
eDiscovery software developers have 4 problems to solve: (1) Where to store customer data? (2) What document review technology to use? (3) How to make easy-to-use software? (4) Choosing a fair pricing scheme. Here's how we developed GoldFynch to solve these problems.

Find Responsive eDiscovery Files Fast With This Affordable Software

21 June 2021 by Ross
eDiscovery software like GoldFynch will find relevant/responsive case files in just seconds. Plus, it'll help you securely redact privileged information. Here's how...

How eDiscovery File 'Indexing' Really Works

14 June 2021 by UV
Databases are a way of converting the chaotic data in files and documents into a rigidly structured form that computers can process. Think of them as a more complex version of a spreadsheet table, with each spreadsheet cell representing a database 'field.' Databases transform how we review Discovery data, allowing us to sift through hundreds of GBs in just seconds. The trick is to find eDiscovery software that can harness their power but remain easy to use.

What Are Databases In eDiscovery?

13 June 2021 by UV
Databases are a way of converting the chaotic data in files and documents into a rigidly structured form that computers can process. Think of them as a more complex version of a spreadsheet table, with each spreadsheet cell representing a database 'field.' Databases transform how we review Discovery data, allowing us to sift through hundreds of GBs in just seconds. The trick is to find eDiscovery software that can harness their power but remain easy to use.

Decluttering eDiscovery for the Busy Attorney

30 May 2021 by Ross
The right eDiscovery software can help simplify your life by decluttering your (1) Workspace, (2), Workflow, (3) Data, (4) Search results, (5) Schedule, and (6) Billing.

Start eDiscovery In Just 10 Minutes With the Right Pricing Plan!

26 May 2021 by Anith
Complex pricing plans slow down eDiscovery because they force you to call or email vendors and waste time bargaining. Instead, choose software with a simple, clearly listed, flat rate. You should be able to select a plan and start working in under 10 minutes.

The Case For Prorated eDiscovery Pricing [Hint: It Cuts Costs]

18 May 2021 by Anith
Cutting-edge eDiscovery tech is important. But eDiscovery pricing is equally critical. Here's why prorated pricing cuts costs and tells you a lot about your eDiscovery provider's priorities.

Why Is Discovery So Expensive? And Does It Have to Be?

11 May 2021 by UV
eDiscovery is expensive because some vendors skew the system to stay included in the eDiscovery process. And they charge a lot for services you can often handle yourself. The solution? Use affordable Cloud-based eDiscovery that puts you in control.

eDiscovery Software That IT Teams Will Love

03 May 2021 by UV
Has your IT team been asked to find affordable and easy-to-use eDiscovery software? Here's an application all attorneys love. You can (1) Start using it instantly, (2) Walk away at any point without losing an upfront investment, (3) Learn how to use it in minutes, (4) Outsource technical issues, (5) Trust its bank-grade security, and (6) Get a predictable and affordable monthly bill.

Don't Accept 'Bad' eDiscovery Productions [7 Things to Consider]

25 April 2021 by Ross
When receiving productions, remember to consider the following: (1) Production formats, (2) Filenames, (3) File structure, (4) Non-native files, (5) Emails, (6) Load files, (7) Metadata.

A Quick Guide to eDiscovery Archive Files [7z, ZIP, RAR And TAR]

18 April 2021 by Ross
Archives make it easy to store and send groups of files. They combine, compress, and (sometimes) encrypt data without altering it in any way. And they do this using the following basic principles.

Have You Heard of eDiscovery HTTP and FTP Uploads?

06 April 2021 by UV
HTTP and FTP are two eDiscovery file upload methods. And which one you use depends on what you're uploading. Here are their pros and cons, plus eDiscovery software that offers both options.

How to Upload eDiscovery Files [The Easy Way]

28 March 2021 by Ross
With the right software, eDiscovery uploading can be simple and intuitive. Here's how to upload files from your computer, Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, and more.

How to Make Sure Your eDiscovery Uploads Stay Intact

17 March 2021 by UV
Your files can get corrupted (i.e., damaged) when you upload them into the Cloud. So, the best eDiscovery applications use the concept of 'hashing' to check that your uploads stay intact. Here's how...

Why eDiscovery Uploads Get Super-Charged With 'Chunking'

10 March 2021 by Ross
Chunking is the process of splitting a file into multiple parts (or 'chunks') that are uploaded simultaneously. It makes uploading lightning-quick and lets you resume broken downloads instead of having to start again from scratch.

7 Basic eDiscovery Concepts Every Attorney Should Know

09 March 2021 by UV
(1) Cloud eDiscovery, (2) Drag-and-drop uploads, (3) Advanced searches, (4) Virtual review tools, (5) Technology-assisted reviews, (6) Production formats, (7) Metadata.

How to Convert an MSG File Into a PDF

08 March 2021 by Ross
If you have Outlook, save your MSG as a PDF from within the software. (2) If you don't have Outlook, use a 3rd-party MSG-to-PDF converter. (3) If you want a secure conversion, use an eDiscovery application like GoldFynch.

PST and OST: How Are They Different? And Other FAQs

05 March 2021 by Anith
PSTs and OSTs are how Microsoft Outlook stores email. PSTs let you send/receive emails in real-time, but you need an active internet connection. OSTs let you read/write emails offline, but to send/receive them you'll need to connect with the internet.

How to Open MSG Files [With and Without Outlook]

03 March 2021 by Anith
For a quick check of an MSG file's contents, use Microsoft Outlook or a reliable third-party application (e.g., GoldFynch's MSG/PST viewer). For more advanced tasks like eDiscovery, choose specialized software that protects metadata and can open all MSG-types.

How to Open a PST File Without Outlook

02 March 2021 by Anith
The easiest way to open a PST file without Outlook is to use a basic, free PST viewer. But for added security and viewing options, find a more advanced (but still free) viewer. Here's how & why.

What Are PST Viewers? And Are They Safe for eDiscovery?

01 March 2021 by UV
PST viewers are free applications that let you open PST (email) files without their parent software - Microsoft Outlook. They're convenient and safe if: (1) They run in the Cloud, (2) They don't take files off your computer, (3) They don't change file metadata.

Can Your eDiscovery Software Spot Duplicate Emails?

23 February 2021 by Ross
Deduplication is the process of removing extra copies of documents from your case. Comparing 'hash' values is perfect for document deduplication, but 'metadata matching' is much better for email deduplication. The trick is to find eDiscovery software that understands the difference.

Are You Mistakenly Destroying eDiscovery Metadata? Here's the Solution.

12 February 2021 by Ross
Metadata is a valuable digital footprint that tracks the history of a document. But it's easy to mistakenly alter it. The trick is to learn more about it and find affordable eDiscovery software that can protect it.

eDiscovery Bates Numbering Is Evolving. Are You Up-to-Date?

07 February 2021 by UV
Bates numbering is the traditional way of stamping pages with unique identifying numbers so you can easily refer to content in your productions. But in our digital age, we need to tweak this system by also renaming eDiscovery files to integrate them with Bates numbers. The critical first step, though, is to find eDiscovery software that gives you Bates numbering options.

4 Ways eDiscovery Software Can Help Your Team Work Better & Faster

02 February 2021 by Ross
Cloud eDiscovery applications help your team work more uniformly by giving them direct access to the same data and eDiscovery tools. Plus, they'll have the following inbuilt communication channels which help reduce the amount of email your team uses...

Can I Try eDiscovery For Free? [No Credit Card, No Sales Calls]

02 February 2021 by Anith
Want free eDiscovery software for smaller in-house cases? Or just want to explore eDiscovery? Try GoldFynch. You get 512 MB of storage for free (no credit cards or sales calls) and can upgrade to larger cases for a fraction of the cost of other eDiscovery applications.

6 eDiscovery Review Tools You'll Need This Year

09 January 2021 by Ross
Save time and money by choosing eDiscovery software with these review tools: (1) OCR, (2) ‘Advanced’ searches, (3) A redaction tool, (4) Tags, (5) Notes, comments, annotations, (6) Basic analytics.

eDiscovery Pricing Comparison for Smaller, In-House Cases

05 January 2021 by UV
eDiscovery pricing is either 'à la carte' or 'flat-rate'. Under flat-rate, you can pay for (1) Uploads, (2) Storage, or (3) Number of custodians. For most smaller firms and companies, flat-rate, storage-based pricing works best.

Why Your eDiscovery Software Should Offer Automatic Case-Upgrades

25 December 2020 by Anith
eDiscovery cases continually grow and shrink, so optimizing storage space is a challenge. Here's how automatic case upgrades simplify eDiscovery by letting you outsource the hassle to your eDiscovery provider.

What Is 'Hashing' in eDiscovery? And How Can It Help Cut Costs?

20 December 2020 by Ross
'Hashing' is the process of giving a file a unique identification number. This 'hash value' is a digital fingerprint your eDiscovery software can use to find and cull duplicate files. And this saves you money on storage space.

Want a Paperless Office? The Right eDiscovery Software Can Help.

14 December 2020 by UV
Firms and companies want to update their workflows by going digital. But they’re put off by problems like (1) How best to transfer data from paper to computer (2) Where to store this data? (3) How to edit & share it. But now there’s a 2-in-one fix. Get the right eDiscovery software and it can help you go digital, too!

What's So Great About Native Files in eDiscovery?

06 December 2020 by UV
Native files offer much more than their eDiscovery alternatives (i.e., TIFFs and PDFs). They're the rawest and most accurate form of your case's data, they take up less space (making them easier to host), and it's simpler to spot if they've been tampered with. So, where possible, insist on getting native files instead of TIFFs and PDFs.

eDiscovery Software for Beginners [Zero Commitment, Low Risk]

01 December 2020 by Ross
The SaaS (Software as a Service) business model lets you subscribe to an eDiscovery service instead of having to buy any software. So, you can pay low monthly rates and switch services at any point without losing an upfront investment.

eDiscovery Production Standards You May Not Yet Know About

18 November 2020 by Anith
eDiscovery productions come in many formats, and some are better than others. Also, there are standards related to filenames, filetypes, resolutions, and archives. To get the most out of your eDiscovery software, learn more about the production standards you should be insisting on.

The Smart Way to Free Up eDiscovery Storage Space

02 November 2020 by Anith
System files, duplicate files, and container files waste case space. You could try to find and delete them manually, but there's a better option: Use eDiscovery software that does it for you automatically, instead. Here's what you need to know...

Is It Worth Paying for eDiscovery Analytics?

01 November 2020 by Mithun
Well-designed analytics help you spot patterns in eDiscovery data. But are they worth the cost? Thankfully, next-generation eDiscovery services offer essential analytics at surprisingly affordable prices. These essentials include (1) Case size, (2) Tag info, (3) File-family records, (4) Processing information, (5) Primary dates, (6) Email metadata.

Small Case Vs Big Case eDiscovery: There's Such a Difference!

25 October 2020 by Ross
With larger eDiscovery cases, you usually need an entire eDiscovery team to stay on track. But for smaller, internal cases you just need the right software. And here's how to find it.

How to Use eDiscovery 'Tag' Macros For Lightning-Quick Work!

15 October 2020 by John
Tags let you categorize your eDiscovery files. And tag macros let you automatically assign tags or tag-combinations to your case files - simply by clicking a predetermined keyboard shortcut key. So, find eDiscovery software that lets you use tag macros, both individually and with teams.

Are PDFs Better Than TIFFs for eDiscovery? And Why Does It Matter?

13 October 2020 by Ross
PDFs are a step up from older TIFF files. They're more secure, have extra features, and are becoming the industry standard. Most importantly, they help you do eDiscovery better. So it's worth knowing some 'PDF vs TIFF' basics and finding eDiscovery software that can handle both.

How to Use eDiscovery 'Tag' Macros For Lightning-Quick Work!

12 October 2020 by Anith
Tags let you categorize your eDiscovery files. And tag macros let you automatically assign tags or tag-combinations to your case files - simply by clicking a predetermined keyboard shortcut key. So, find eDiscovery software that lets you use tag macros, both individually and with teams.

Choosing eDiscovery Software for In-House Legal Counsel

11 October 2020 by Ross
Looking for affordable eDiscovery software for smaller, in-house cases? Find something that is: (1) Easy to use, (2) Cloud-based, (3) Secure, (4) Stocked with only essential features, and (5) Subscription-based, with a flat monthly fee.

4 In-House eDiscovery Mistakes Your Company Can Avoid

06 October 2020 by Mithun
Moving eDiscovery in-house can save you money, but only if you sidestep these 4 mistakes: (1) Assuming in-house eDiscovery is the one best solution, (2) Assuming that getting the right eDiscovery software is enough, (3) Assuming that you need expensive software, (4) Not knowing where the real costs are hidden.

How to Handle Small eDiscovery Matters In-House

05 October 2020 by Anith
Insourcing eDiscovery gives you more control of your case and can cut costs. But only if you do it right. The trick is to find Cloud-based eDiscovery software that's easy to use and has a flat monthly subscription fee.

4 Creative Ways to Cut eDiscovery Costs And Win Clients

18 September 2020 by Ross
The new normal is forcing law firms to cut costs by getting creative. Here's what you can do: (1) Educate your clients about eDiscovery best practices, (2) Finetune your eDiscovery systems, (3) Cull data ruthlessly, and (4) Pay only for essential eDiscovery features.

The Right Way to Redact eDiscovery Productions [And Why Drawing Little Black Boxes Isn't Enough]

17 September 2020 by Anith
Drawing a black box over sensitive text works only if the box is 'burned in' properly. For that, you'll need dependable eDiscovery software with a powerful redaction tool and a well-designed redaction manager.

Are You Overpaying for eDiscovery? [Here's What Most Attorneys Miss]

13 September 2020 by Ross
eDiscovery cases continually grow and shrink. So, pricing plans that charge for data uploads might offer low per-GB rates, but end up being very expensive. Instead, choose a plan that charges for storage only (i.e., uploading is free). It cuts costs and makes eDiscovery so much more flexible.

Why You Might Be Wrong About Your eDiscovery Case Size [And Why It's Costing You]

03 September 2020 by Anith
eDiscovery cases grow and shrink all the time. For example, they grow when you unpack container files and shrink when you delete duplicate/system files. But some eDiscovery pricing systems penalize you for this. The solution? Find eDiscovery software with prorated storage-based pricing.

What is eDiscovery 'DeNISTing'? And Can It Speed Up Case Reviews?

21 August 2020 by Ross
DeNISTing is how many eDiscovery apps catch and delete unusable files. They compare your case files to a central list of known 'unnecessary' files and delete the ones you won't need. It saves you time, but there's a better solution. Find eDiscovery software that offers free uploading and processing, and you won't need to worry about DeNISTing anymore.

eDiscovery Pricing 101: Paying Flat Rates Vs. À La Carte [Per-GB Costs, OCR, Processing Fees, and More]

10 August 2020 by Mithun
eDiscovery pricing comes down to this: Pay for what you upload (per-GB pricing) OR pay for storage space (fixed-volume pricing). Where possible, pay for storage. Your bill is more predictable and you won't have to pay separately for essentials like OCR, file processing, creating productions, etc.

How to Assign Batches of eDiscovery Case Files to Team Members

27 July 2020 by Ross
A 'batch review' lets you allot groups of files to different people. But it works best when you can (1) Allot files, using tags, (2) Allot files, using 'advanced' searches, (3) Include 'file families,' and (4) Have teammates access the batch for free.

How We Got to 'eDiscovery Starting at $25 a Month' [Memoirs of a Software Designer]

26 July 2020 by Anith
Ours is a long story, but here's the gist: (1) We started with what we knew: Building powerful search engines, (2) We built our software from the ground up, (3) We made our system efficient,(4) We cut out the middle people, (5) We’ve never wasted money frivolously on marketing.

Why eDiscovery Can Get Derailed by Time Zones [And What to Do About It]

25 July 2020 by Anith
Dates pop up often in eDiscovery. But files get stamped with dates based on their time zone. So, different time zones may result in conflicting dates. The solution? Find eDiscovery software that can standardize time zones.

3 eDiscovery Myths That Are Holding Your Law Firm Back

20 July 2020 by Uday
People often think that eDiscovery is (1) Too expensive, (2) Too complicated, and (3) Unsafe. But find the right software and these problems go away.

eDiscovery Vs Digital Forensics: Which Does Your Law Firm Need?

12 July 2020 by Ross
eDiscovery deals with easily-accessible data, using simple, intuitive software. Whereas digital forensics deals with hidden or hard-to-get data, using advanced, niche software. Most small law firms won't need digital forensics but will need eDiscovery software that can protect file metadata.

The Smart Attorney's Guide to eDiscovery Pricing [6 Questions You Should Be Asking]

05 July 2020 by Mithun
Want the best deal on your eDiscovery software? Ask: (1) Can I try out the software for free? (2) Is the pricing plan on the website? (3) Can I share cases with my team for free? (4) How do you calculate my data volume? (5) What will I be billed if I change plans mid-cycle? (6) Is tech support part of the pricing plan?

Are You Overthinking eDiscovery Uploads? [Probably. And You'll Never Guess Why!]

21 June 2020 by Ross
When you pay upfront 'processing' fees, you tend to second-guess yourself and upload less data. And this isn't always a good thing. Instead, find an eDiscovery pricing plan that charges for storage space and offers processing for free.

4 Ways eDiscovery Can Help You Outclass Your Competition

12 June 2020 by Anith
When you pay upfront 'processing' fees, you tend to second-guess yourself and upload less data. And this isn't always a good thing. Instead, find an eDiscovery pricing plan that charges for storage space and offers processing for free.

How Do eDiscovery Search Engines Work? And Which One Should Your Law Firm Get?

06 June 2020 by Anith
A weak search engine won't pick up the kinds of files you'll need to build a defensible case. So, make sure your eDiscovery software's search engine, (1) Is intuitive and easy to use, (2) Error-proofs your searches, (3) Lets you save your search queries, (4) Offers you enough search options.

eDiscovery in a Pandemic (Part 5): Coordinating with Your Team

01 June 2020 by Mithun
PSTs & OSTs are how Microsoft Outlook stores email. PSTs let you send/receive emails in real-time, but you need an active internet connection. OSTs let you read/write emails offline, but to send/receive them you'll need to connect with the internet.

How to Simplify eDiscovery Review with Notes, Tags, and Case Reports

31 May 2020 by John
Want to simplify your eDiscovery review? Make sure your eDiscovery software has these 3 key features: (1) Notes & annotations (to add context to documents), (2) Tags (to organize and find related files), and (3) Case reports (to get an overview of your data).

Free eDiscovery 'Processing': Why It Helps You Work Quicker and Better

24 May 2020 by Anith
Your eDiscovery software does a lot to upload & 'process' your files. But expensive processing fees mean you'll overthink which files to keep and which to cull. Instead, do eDiscovery right by finding software with free, unlimited processing.

eDiscovery in a Pandemic (Part 4): How to Protect Your Data While Working Remotely

12 May 2020 by John
Outsource your data security to Cloud & eDiscovery providers, and they'll, (1) Encrypt & protect your data, (2) Create contingency plans for worst-case scenarios, and (3) Let you choose who on your team sees what, and when.

eDiscovery and Big Data: What Small Law Firms Can Learn

10 May 2020 by Ross
Smaller law firms don't yet have to handle truly 'big' data, but they can prepare for it. Make sure your eDiscovery software can (1) Handle large amounts of data, (2) Process that data quickly, and (3) open newly developed file types.

eDiscovery in a Pandemic (Part 3): Finding Low-Maintenance Software for Working Remotely

30 April 2020 by Anith
It's hard to troubleshoot technical issues when working remotely. So, find low-maintenance with these features: 1) Cloud-based service, (2) Quick signup, (3) Simple & intuitive to use, (4) Easy to collaborate with your team, (5) Minimal technical support required.

Why the GDPR is a Valuable eDiscovery Signal for U.S. Attorneys

26 April 2020 by Anith
The GDPR mainly affects EU law firms, but they're a warning to firms around the world: Proactively adapt to data protection best practices, or risk getting lost in eDiscovery's changing landscape. Here are some things attorneys can start doing...

eDiscovery in a Pandemic (Part 2): How to Cut Costs While Working Remotely

19 April 2020 by Ross
Law firms can cut costs by (1) Switching to minimal-but-powerful eDiscovery software without 'extras' you'll rarely use, and (2) Making sure the software also has transparent up-front pricing.

The Internet of Things (IoT): An Attorney's Friend Or eDiscovery Nemesis?

14 April 2020 by John
The Internet of Things is a network of 'smart' devices (like watches, Fitbits, air conditioners, etc.) that ‘talk’ to each other, sharing information. It will flood us with data, but we can prepare by building the right eDiscovery systems, centered around dependable eDiscovery software.

Best eDiscovery Software (2020): Why 'Top 10' Lists Aren't Enough [And What You Need Instead]

06 April 2020 by Ross
Lists of 2020's 'best eDiscovery software' are useful. But you need some guiding principles to navigate these lists. Here are 6 key principles you can use: (1) Software features are important. But 'more' isn’t always 'better.' Find software that does eDiscovery basics well. [Read more]...

eDiscovery In a Pandemic: How Attorneys Can Adapt To Working From Home

22 March 2020 by Mithun
Cloud-based eDiscovery is the perfect longterm solution to pandemics because: (1) You can access your data from anywhere, (2) You don't have to worry about tech/security issues since your eDiscovery provider runs the software for you, and (3) The software has key features to help your team collaborate remotely in real-time.

What Is Shadow I.T.? And How Can It Help [Or Harm] Your Law Firm?

17 March 2020 by Ross
Shadow IT refers to the devices, apps and services that your team uses but which aren't authorized by your firm. They are generally a security risk but can improve productivity if harnessed right.

Free eDiscovery 'Processing': Why It Helps You Work Quicker and Better

09 March 2020 by Ross
Your eDiscovery software does a lot to upload & 'process' your files. But expensive processing fees mean you'll overthink which files to keep and which to cull. Instead, do eDiscovery right by finding software with free, unlimited processing.

5 Quick PST-File Tips to Boost Your Email Productivity

04 March 2020 by Anith
PSTs are an important part of modern business communication. So, here's how to get the best out of them: (1) Keep them small, (2) Fix them with Outlook's PST repair tool (3) Track where you're storing them, (4) Add layers of security, (5) For eDiscovery, don't open them with Outlook.

How to Open PST & OST Files for Free

01 March 2020 by Mithun
(1) To use PSTs/OSTs, stick with Outlook, (2) To open PSTs/OSTs, use a free viewer, (3) To open them but also protect their metadata, find an eDiscovery-friendly viewer like GoldFynch's free PST/OST viewer, (4) To search/organize them, use eDiscovery software like GoldFynch.

eDiscovery Without Expensive Software: Is It Possible?

26 February 2020 by Ross
eDiscovery is expensive only when you use software designed for larger firms. The trick is to find software with just these 7 important features...

What are DXF and DWG files? When will I encounter them during the eDiscovery process?

17 February 2020 by John
Need a cost-effective way to read and access the metadata of DXF and DWG files? Here's your solution!

The Only eDiscovery Software Your Law Firm Needs

27 January 2020 by John
'GoldFynch' is affordable, easy-to-use, safe and packed with useful features. That's why it's causing a buzz among solo, small, and medium-sized law firms. And it's why it was recently featured in an 'eDiscovery Buyer's Guide' video.

eDiscovery Technology-Assisted Review (TAR): Is It Worth the Cost?

26 January 2020 by Ross
TARs can save time, but have huge upfront expenses. So, they're primarily for larger law firms with thousands of GBs of data. Small/medium-sized firms should instead focus on finding eDiscovery software with the few key features they'll really need.

What Are eDiscovery 'Tags'? And Which Software Handles Them Best?

23 January 2020 by Anith
'Tags' are virtual 'sticky notes' that you attach to electronic documents. eDiscovery software like 'GoldFynch' lets you: (1) Add and remove tags in seconds, (2) Create 'quick' tags, (3) Tag files in bulk, (4) Tag 'file families,' (5) Add notes to tags, (6) Use tags for reports and 'productions.'

5 eDiscovery Security Features Every Law Firm Should Use

08 January 2020 by Nelson
Keep your data safe with these key eDiscovery software features: (1) Encrypted Cloud storage, (2) Multi-factor authentication, (3) Control over permissions and users, (4) Trustworthy redaction, and (5) Secure production sharing.

6 Useful Email eDiscovery Software Features Your Law Firm Needs

05 January 2020 by Mithun
Try to find eDiscovery software with these features to handle email: (1) Cloud storage, (2) A versatile 'import' option, (3) A powerful search engine, (4) Email-attachment processing, (5) Quick tags, and (6) Metadata protection.

eDiscovery Pricing: Are Upfront Processing Fees Worth It?

30 December 2019 by Anith
Upfront per-GB fees might seem smart, but can complicate eDiscovery. Instead, law firms now prefer eDiscovery vendors that offer free processing, with flexible data storage plans.

5 Annoying eDiscovery Problems You Can Solve with the Right Software

19 December 2019 by John
(1) What do you do with paper documents? (2) How do you get rid of duplicate files (3) How do you open rare files? (4) How do you protect vital metadata? (5) How do you quickly find the documents you need?

eDiscovery: Can I Choose Where My Data Gets Stored?

17 December 2019 by Ross
Ideally, the Cloud is the best place for your eDiscovery data. But what if you don't want your files on a shared server on another continent? Find the right eDiscovery software and it'll let you pick your Cloud server.

The Complete eDiscovery Production Guide

08 December 2019 by UV
eDiscovery productions are easy once you understand the 7 steps: (1) Choose files (2) Choose a format, (3) Arrange the files, (4) Number and stamp the files, (5) Redact, (6) Review, (7) Download and share.

Do eDiscovery FTP Uploads Save Time? And How Do They Work?

02 December 2019 by John
Don't have time to upload your eDiscovery data? Get your vendor to do it for you. Just send them your files using a simple FTP upload, via an FTP client like Filezilla.

Feature: New Report Settings and Generating Privilege Logs

29 November 2019 by Mithun
GoldFynch's latest updates combine with new report generation options to simplify the process of generating privilege logs.

Feature: Document Notes, Comments, and Annotations

28 November 2019 by Mithun
GoldFynch's notes and annotations update makes collaborations much faster and simpler - highlight sections of text, start comment threads, and leave notes!

Feature: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for GoldFynch

27 November 2019 by Mithun
Add an additional layer of security to your GoldFynch account by enabling multi-factor authentication.

How to Cut eDiscovery Costs by Culling Data Early

19 November 2019 by UV
More files mean higher eDiscovery costs. So, to cull data early, (1) Cut down how much data you collect, (2) Use smart tactics to collect the right kind of data, (3) Use a powerful eDiscovery search engine to hone in on the files you need.

Feature: New Special Privilege Settings for Tags and Searches

17 November 2019 by Ross
Assign tags 'privileged' status, assign them privilege categories, tag documents as privileged, and perform privileged searches.

How to Simplify eDiscovery with a 'Managed' Document Review

12 November 2019 by UV
Too much data to review? Use next-generation eDiscovery software like GoldFynch to set up a 'managed' review with a qualified document-review team.

eDiscovery Storage: How Much Space Should I Pay For?

07 November 2019 by John
With modern Cloud eDiscovery, space isn't an issue. Pricing plans are what matter. So, choose an application with fixed-volume, prorated pricing for predictable, affordable monthly eDiscovery bill.

Feature: Downloading Files and Productions From Your GoldFynch Cases With Their Original File Names

06 November 2019 by Mithun Balraj
You can now export files from your cases while retaining their original file names, or even prefixing their names with their Bates numbers!

Feature: Multi-page Redactions for Your GoldFynch Productions

05 November 2019 by UV
Redact multiple pages in your productions made through GoldFynch

4 eDiscovery Review Tools that Help You Work Faster

01 November 2019 by Nelson
(1) 'Quick searches' with many ‘search by’ options, (2) 'Advanced searches' that you can save, (3) ‘Tags’ that you can apply to entire file families, (4) 'Redaction' that’s thorough, even with OCRed files.

Feature: View Summaries of Your Production's Parameters

29 October 2019 by Ross Johnson
View the parameters used in creating your GoldFynch productions.

Adding Redactions to Your Productions with GoldFynch

24 October 2019 by Anith Mathai
Remove privileged information from documents in your productions using GoldFynch's redaction feature.

Want to Bring eDiscovery In-House? 4 Things to Consider

19 October 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Can you do without moving eDiscovery in-house? (2) How much do you need to move in-house? (3) Does everyone see that it’s necessary? (4) Which eDiscovery software should you use?

eDiscovery Sneak Peek: How Your Software Processes Files You Upload

14 October 2019 by Anith Mathai
The 3 steps: (1) Your data is uploaded into the Cloud, (2) Your data is processed, (3) You get to label and tag the files you've uploaded.

5 Game-Changing eDiscovery Tools to Format Your Productions

05 October 2019 by Anith Mathai
Essential features: (1) Inbuilt OCR, (2) Advanced searches, and (3) Quick tags. Non-essential features: (1) Machine learning, (2) Data visualization, and (3) Audio transcription.

3 Essential Vs Non-Essential eDiscovery Software Features

05 October 2019 by Anith Mathai
Essential features: (1) Inbuilt OCR, (2) Advanced searches, and (3) Quick tags. Non-essential features: (1) Machine learning, (2) Data visualization, and (3) Audio transcription.

5 eDiscovery Collaboration Features Your Software Must Have

09 September 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Cloud eDiscovery. (2) Saveable searches. (3) 'Quick' tags. (4) Control over permissions and users. (5) Secure 'production' sharing.

What Is an eDiscovery Slop Search? And Is It Better Than a Regular Search?

05 September 2019 by Anith Mathai
Slop Searches help 'loosen' your eDiscovery search. They tell your software that it's okay if your search keywords aren't right next to each other. Or even that they don't have to be in any particular order...

What Are eDiscovery File Families? And Should I Be Protecting Them?

04 September 2019 by Anith Mathai
File families are groups of associated files. And splitting up these 'families' in eDiscovery can spoil your data. Here's how to solve the problem...

6 Email eDiscovery File Types (Must Know): PST, MSG, EDB, OST, EML & MBOX

03 September 2019 by Anith Mathai
1) PST: A group of emails. 2) MSG: A single email. 3) EDB: an email database on a server. 4) OST: Offline emails, 5) EML: A single non-Outlook email. 6) MBOX: A group of non-Outlook emails.

What are MSG files? And Why Can They Complicate eDiscovery?

31 August 2019 by Anith Mathai
The MSG format is what Microsoft Outlook uses to store single email messages. But there are custom MSGs that your eDiscovery software may not recognize. Here's what to do...

What's the Difference Between PDF, DOCX, TXT and RTF files in eDiscovery?

16 August 2019 by Anith Mathai
PDFs are best for sharing, DOCXs for editing, and TXT/RTFs for when you need to jot down notes.

What is 'Stemming'? And How Does It Help eDiscovery Searches?

04 August 2019 by Anith Mathai
'Stemming': Trimming your keyword down to its root (or stem) and searching for variations of this root. It keeps eDiscovery searches flexible, so you're more likely to find the data you need.

How Do I Get Cost-Effective eDiscovery for My Law Firm?

31 July 2019 by Anith Mathai
Understand the pricing options: (1) Pay for each eDiscovery feature, (2) Pay for initial uploads (3) Pay for max uploads, (4) Pay for a fixed amount of storage space.

eDiscovery for Small Law Firms: How to Get Your Team On Board

16 July 2019 by Anith Mathai
Show them how much easier it'll make their lives: They'll (1) Work quicker and better, (2) Work from anywhere, (3) Collaborate easily, (4) Learn how to use the software in minutes.

eDiscovery: 'What You Want' Vs. 'What You Need' for Your Small Law Firm

05 July 2019 by Anith Mathai
Don't ask for 'The best eDiscovery software.' Instead, ask for 'The best eDiscovery software for small law firms.' Either way, you'll get great software. But with Qn.2, you'll save a bunch of cash in the process.

4 eDiscovery Ethics Traps [and How Your Small Law Firm Can Avoid Them]

05 July 2019 by Anith Mathai
1) Not systematically collecting and preserving data. (2) Not valuing your client's budget. (3) Not protecting your data. (4) Not knowing how to use eDiscovery software.

5 Time-Saving eDiscovery Software Features You’ve Overlooked, for Your Small Law Firm

29 June 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Text snippets, (2) Tags, (3) 'Advanced’ searches, (4) Production logs, and (5) In-software production sharing.

5 Signs You Need Better eDiscovery Software for Your Small Law Firm

18 June 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Paying more than $25 a month, (2) Unpredictable eDiscovery bills, (3) Not in the Cloud, (4) Not SaaS, (5) Hard to use

'Can My Small Law Firm Afford eDiscovery?' 4 FAQs Answered

09 June 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Do I need specialized eDiscovery software? (2) How much will it cost? (3) Is it easy to use? (4) Where will it store my data?

What is ESI (Electronically Stored Information)? eDiscovery Basics for Small Law Firms

05 June 2019 by Anith Mathai
ESI like Word documents, PDFs, and emails simplify and speed up eDiscovery. Use these tips to make the most of them.

eDiscovery for Legal Teams: What's the Best Software for Your Small Law Firm?

31 May 2019 by Anith Mathai
The best eDiscovery software lets you (1) Access your files - whenever, from wherever, (2) Use team-focused eDiscovery tools, (3) Choose who does what with your data, (4) Share data securely.

TIFF Vs. PDF eDiscovery: Which Is Better for Your Small Law Firm?

20 May 2019 by Anith Mathai
Both TIFFs and PDFs are fine for eDiscovery 'productions.' But PDFs are newer, more secure, and have better features.

How to Handle Large eDiscovery Cases [100+ GB], as a Small Law Firm

12 May 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Store eDiscovery data in the Cloud, (2) Upload and review fewer files, (3) Learn to use your eDiscovery search engine, (4) Tag and organize files, (5) Ask for a 'managed' review if needed.

6 Time-Saving eDiscovery Features Your Small Law Firm Should Use

06 May 2019 by Anith Mathai
1) Drag-and-drop uploads, (2) Fast processing, (3) Inbuilt OCR, (4) A master password list, (5) Inbuilt 'production' sharing, (6) 'managed' reviews.

6 Questions to Evaluate Your eDiscovery Vendor for Your Small Law Firm

29 April 2019 by Anith Mathai
Does your vendor: (1) Have a clear pricing plan? (2) Make it easy to sign on? (3) Have simple, intuitive software? (4) Tailor their software to small law firms? (5) Protect your data? (6) Have excellent tech support?

Have You Optimized eDiscovery to Retain Clients for Your Small Law Firm?

25 April 2019 by Anith Mathai
Get the right eDiscovery software and you can take on larger cases, keep client data safe, work faster (so you'll never miss a deadline), and cut costs.

Hassle-Free eDiscovery: The Simplest eDiscovery Software for Small Law Firms

17 April 2019 by Anith Mathai
With GoldFynch, (1) It takes just minutes to sign up, (2) It's so intuitive you'll learn how to use it in minutes, and (3) Its pricing is so much simpler than with other eDiscovery applications.

'Do I Need eDiscovery Software?' Your Small Law Firm's Journey from 'No' to 'Yes.'

03 April 2019 by Anith Mathai
Common eDiscovery questions, answered - Do I need eDiscovery software? Can I afford it? Should I be tech-savvy? Will my data be safe? Can I upload large cases?

'Isn't eDiscovery Too Expensive for Small Law Firms?' Not If You Do It Right.

28 March 2019 by Anith Mathai
To cut eDiscovery costs, (1) Review fewer files, (2) Move your data into the Cloud, (3) Subscribe to an eDiscovery service (don't buy eDiscovery software), (4) Find a cost-effective eDiscovery application.

eDiscovery Overload: What to Do When Your Small Law Firm Has Too Much to Handle

24 March 2019 by Anith Mathai
Overwhelmed by eDiscovery? (1) Start using 'Software as a Service' [SaaS], (2) Find a 'Managed Review' team, (3) Hire eDiscovery pros for the tough cases, (4) Re-evaluate your eDiscovery software.

[Uncovered] eDiscovery Myth: Small Law Firms Can't Handle Large Cases [over 100 GB]

14 March 2019 by Anith Mathai
Small law firms are shocked that they can now compete with larger firms. The secret? eDiscovery applications like GoldFynch, that use the Cloud and make smart tech choices.

5 eDiscovery Trends Your Small Law Firm Can't Afford to Miss

07 March 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Using intuitive eDiscovery software, (2) Finding software that does the 'basics' well, (3) Buying an eDiscovery service, not software, (4) Outsourcing data security, (5) Finding simple-but-fair pricing.

Why eDiscovery is Like Detective-Work [Plus, the Fixable Mistake Your Small Law Firms Might Be Making]

03 March 2019 by Anith Mathai
Many firms forget that eDiscovery is the detective-work of uncovering the 'story' of your case. So, find software that's (1) Cloud-based, (2) Quick to set up, (3) Easy to use, (4) Scalable, and (5) Affordable.

Moving eDiscovery In-House: 4 Things for Your Small Law Firm to Consider

24 February 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Do it in stages, (2) Store your data in the Cloud, (3) Learn how to use eDiscovery tools, (4) Get the right eDiscovery software.

4 Ways eDiscovery Will Modernize Your Small Law Firm [They're Game Changers]

17 February 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) You'll start storing data in the Cloud, (2) You'll stop buying software and start using a software services instead, (3) You'll learn to use new tools, (4) You'll learn to use metadata.

5-Minute eDiscovery: How to Save Time and Money for Your Small Law Firm

10 February 2019 by Anith Mathai
Here's how to find eDiscovery software with which, (1) It takes just 5 minutes to get started, (2) You can work from anywhere - home, office, airport, etc., (3) Everything is intuitive, (4) Pricing is simple, (5) Bills are predictable, and (6) Help is just a phone call away.

Is Cloud eDiscovery Safe? 4 FAQs Every Small Law Firm Has

01 February 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Don't I need to be tech-savvy to use the Cloud? (2) Will my data stay private? Will it be safe? (3) What if I get cut off from my data? (4) Who's overseeing all of this? Are there rules in place?

The Art of Searching Your eDiscovery Case [What Every Small Law Firm Needs to Know]

27 January 2019 by Anith Mathai
To run the best searches, (1) Get the right eDiscovery software, (2) Learn how to build a powerful 'advanced' search, (3) Learn to stay with the 'flow' of eDiscovery

eDiscovery - Native Files Vs PDFs: Which Should Your Small Law Firm Use for Productions?

19 January 2019 by Anith Mathai
Produce files in their native format, if you can. Because you don't lose metadata. And it's quicker and easier to work with them. But if you have to produce PDFs, get the right eDiscovery software to minimize the damage.

How to Handle eDiscovery Emails? A Quick 4-Step Guide for Your Small Law Firm

09 January 2019 by Anith Mathai
(1) Choose the right eDiscovery software, (2) Get the emails into your software, (3) Find, tag, and redact the emails you need, (4) Produce the emails and share your production.

What's the Simplest eDiscovery Software For My Small Law Firm?

05 January 2019 by Anith Mathai
GoldFynch is powerful, intuitive, affordable, doesn't need new hardware/software, and has near-unlimited storage space.

Can Your eDiscovery Data Get Hacked? The Affordable Solution for Your Small Law Firm

28 December 2018 by Anith Mathai
Large law firms invest in expensive private eDiscovery. Instead, use cost-effective Cloud eDiscovery to protect your data from hackers and accidental security breaches.

Are You Doing Email eDiscovery Wrong? 6 Perks Your Small Law Firm Might Be Missing Out On

21 December 2018 by Anith Mathai
With the right eDiscovery software, you'll (1) Never miss crucial information, (2) Never repeat a search, (3) Protect bonus email info, (4) Stay organized, (5) Store as many emails as you want, (6) Upload files easily

eDiscovery: Where Do I Even Begin? The Quick-Start Guide For Your Small Law Firm

16 December 2018 by Anith Mathai
How will eDiscovery help my firm? Do I need eDiscovery software? How do I find it and how much will it cost me? Can someone handle eDiscovery for me?

What Is an eDiscovery Professional? And What's the Fix If Your Small Law Firm Can't Yet Afford One?

10 December 2018 by Anith Mathai
eDiscovery pros are specialists in eDiscovery. Usually with a background in information science and law. But if you can't afford one yet, a good first step would be to simplify eDiscovery by finding easy-to-use software.

Why Your Current eDiscovery Software Might Not Be Right for Your Small Law Firm

06 December 2018 by Anith Mathai
Expensive, well-marketed software might catch your eye. But they're usually designed for larger firms. Instead, find a simpler, more affordable new-generation eDiscovery application.

4 Ways to Save on eDiscovery: The 80/20 Rule for Your Small Law Firm

03 December 2018 by Anith Mathai
To save money on eDiscovery, (1) Review less data, (2) Use technology to your advantage, (3) Get help reviewing files, (4) Use Cloud eDiscovery

Buying vs. Renting eDiscovery Software For Your Small Law Firm

25 November 2018 by Anith Mathai
It's better to rent your eDiscovery software. It's much less work, your data is safer, and you can pay as little as $25 a month.

6 Simple eDiscovery Habits to Attract More Clients to Your Small Law Firm

16 November 2018 by Anith Mathai
(1) Get to know your clients, (2) Help them set up good eDiscovery systems, (3) Think about the technical stuff, (4) Stay focussed on the 'flow' of eDiscovery, (5) Stay up-to-date with eDiscovery news, (6) Keep re-evaluating your eDiscovery software.

eDiscovery Time Zones: The Software Tweak That Helps Your Small Law Firm Partner Globally

08 November 2018 by Anith Mathai
eDiscovery data timestamps vary across time zones. So, when collaborating globally, use software that links case-times to your local time zone.

How to Choose eDiscovery Software: A 3-Step Guide for the Confused Small-Law-Firm Attorney

01 November 2018 by Anith Mathai
Here's how to get software that's the right fit for your firm: (1) List the features you'll need; (2) Look for software - use per-GB rates to compare prices; (3) Reassess your software every year

4 eDiscovery Problems Your Small Law Firm Can Fix Right Now [It's Easier Than You Think]

27 October 2018 by Anith Mathai
Badly designed eDiscovery software causes problems. Solve these problems by choosing this next-generation eDiscovery application.

4 Reasons Why eDiscovery For Your Small Law Firm Has Never Been Easier

21 October 2018 by Anith Mathai
With the latest eDiscovery applications, (1) The software is highly cost-effective, (2) Your bills are predictable, (3) You can work from anywhere, (4) You don't need an IT team to keep things going.

3 Brilliant Cost-Cutting eDiscovery Tech Advances Your Small Law Firm Needs

15 October 2018 by Anith Mathai
For cost-effective eDiscovery, make sure your software (1) Has the latest search engine, (2) Is in the Cloud, (3) Does more than just one thing.

Is there a smarter way to sort through documents, using eDiscovery software?

05 October 2018 by Anith Mathai
Need a better way to store, search and organize your documents? Use a simple, cost-effective eDiscovery application.

The Sneaky 'Per-GB' eDiscovery Pricing Trap Your Small Law Firm Should Avoid

25 September 2018 by Anith Mathai
Paying' per GB' of data for eDiscovery seems fair. But sneaky eDiscovery providers often tack on a bunch of extra GBs and charge for those. Instead, get fixed-volume pricing, but with a per-GB rate as reference.

How to Open PST Files: Simple Email eDiscovery for Small Law Firms

17 September 2018 by Anith Mathai
Use GoldFynch's PST Viewer to open PST files. It's quick, easy-to-use, and free! And it's better than opening it in your own Microsoft Outlook, because Outlook may modify metadata.

5 eDiscovery Truths That Every Small Law Firm Should Know About [But Only a Few Do]

10 September 2018 by Anith Mathai
(1) The Cloud is the best place for your data, (2) Each case has a story, (3) Each case is built on well-crafted 'advanced' searches, (4) For repeat clients, maintain high eDiscovery standards, and (5) eDiscovery is what the courts say it is.

Affordable Cloud eDiscovery Software 'GoldFynch' Goes Global, Vies for Small Law Firms

06 September 2018 by Anith Mathai
While many eDiscovery providers struggle to compete in local markets, GoldFynch harnesses the Cloud and SaaS to transcend national and geographical boundaries.

Updates to GoldFynch's File Listing

04 September 2018 by Anith Mathai
Navigating through data contained in PST, MBOX, ZIP, EML and similar file types in GoldFynch has been streamlined.

What Are Native Files in eDiscovery and Why Should My Law Firm Care About Them?

03 September 2018 by Anith Mathai
Learn what native files are and how changing a file from its native format can affect the ediscovery production process and govern the way your law firm collects data from clients and custodians.

16 Have-to-Know Questions to Simplify eDiscovery for Your Small Law Firm

27 August 2018 by Anith Mathai
How much data will there be? Where is it stored? Do I have automatic OCR? How will I handle duplicate files? What are my search terms? What is the 'story' of my case? Will I be able to redact text? How will I be sharing productions? Etc.

5 Steps to Fixing the eDiscovery Search Mistakes Your Small Law Firm Might Be Making

27 August 2018 by Anith Mathai
(1) Fine-tune keyword-searches, (2) Make Advanced Searches, (3) Test your searches, (4) Focus on the 'story' of your case, (5) Cooperate with opposing counsel

What are zero-byte files and how do I deal with them?

19 August 2018 by Anith Mathai
Zero-byte files often pop up during the eDiscovery process. Find out where they come from and how to deal with them

7 Easy eDiscovery Fixes to Save Money for Your Small Law Firm

13 August 2018 by Anith Mathai
(1) Work with opposing counsel, (2) Get rid of unnecessary files, (3) Protect metadata, (4) Keep files in their original format, (5) Don't separate emails and attachments, (6) Test your search terms, (7) Ask for help when you need it

8 Tips to Finding Low-Cost eDiscovery Software for Your Small Law Firm

09 August 2018 by Anith Mathai
Some eDiscovery applications are better than others. Use these 8 tips to find powerful-but-affordable software for your small law firm.

8 Common eDiscovery Mistakes Your Small Law Firm May be Making

07 August 2018 by Anith Mathai
(1) Not understanding eDiscovery, (2) Being disorganized, (3) Losing the 'flow' of eDiscovery, (4) Uploading too many files, (5) Not preserving metadata, (6) Poor search technique, (7) Not asking for help, (8) Choosing the wrong eDiscovery software.

2018 Audit Reveals Many Federal Agencies Are Unable to Respond to FOIA Requests. Is There a Solution?

06 August 2018 by Anith Mathai
Federal agencies struggle to cope with FOIA demands, but there is a solution: Re-purpose affordable eDiscovery software that is designed to help gather, sort through, and release data - quickly and easily.

'Drag-and-Drop' eDiscovery: The Astonishingly Simple Way For Your Small Law Firm to Do eDiscovery

31 July 2018 by Anith Mathai
The latest eDiscovery applications are surprisingly easy to use. Sign in like you do with email, search like you do with Google, store data like you do with Dropbox, and best of all - let other people handle the tech stuff!

International eDiscovery: How Your Small Law Firm Can Now Partner with Anyone, Anywhere!

23 July 2018 by Anith Mathai
Law firms in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and more are now partnering with each other - using the power of Cloud technology.

Does Your eDiscovery Platform Handle This Common Microsoft Exchange Email Address Search Issue?

17 July 2018 by Anith Mathai
Thorough email searches can be crucial for your legal cases. Make sure your discovery platform's search engine isn't missing critical emails.

eDiscovery On-The-Go: The Exciting New Normal for Small Law Firms

12 July 2018 by Anith Mathai
Attorneys today need to be able to access their data from anywhere. And with the latest Cloud eDiscovery software, this is both possible and affordable.

GERMAN POST: Welche Ediscovery Software sollte ich kaufen? Stellen Sie diese 4 Fragen, um Ihrer kleinen Anwaltskanzlei Zeit und Geld zu sparen.

11 July 2018 by Anith Mathai
Ediscovery wird erschwinglich. Aber die Entscheidung, welche Software verwendet werden soll, ist immer noch schwierig. Stellen Sie sich diese 4 Fragen und sparen Sie Ihrer kleinen Kanzlei Zeit und Geld

Why Cloud eDiscovery is Your Small Law Firm's Not-So-Secret Weapon to Cutting Costs and Staying Competitive

05 July 2018 by Anith Mathai
Good eDiscovery software helps you cut costs, free up wasted time, compete with larger firms, and keep up with the latest technology.

Debunking [And Moving Beyond] the Myth that Small Law Firms Can't Afford the Best eDiscovery

27 June 2018 by Anith Mathai
eDiscovery costs have dropped! So your small law firm can now afford the best eDiscovery. Just use a new-generation eDiscovery app and follow these best practices: (1) Find an app that makes uploading easy (2) Learn how to protect your metadata (3) Host your files in the Cloud (4) Learn to make 'advanced searches' (5) Share 'productions' via your eDiscovery app.

Struggling to Keep Up With FOIA Demands? County and City Governments Use This Quick & Affordable Solution

14 June 2018 by Anith Mathai
Respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) demands by repurposing a next-generation eDiscovery app. It'll help you gather, sort through, and release your data - quickly and affordably.

How to Untangle Complicated eDiscovery Pricing for Your Small Law Firm

02 June 2018 by Anith Mathai
eDiscovery providers often charge separately (1) To store your data, (2) For each user (3) To process files (4) To produce files. Instead, find a provider who charges only one fixed, up-front, affordable fee.

How to Stop Worrying About Your Small Law Firm Being Left Behind by eDiscovery

29 May 2018 by Anith Mathai
eDiscovery is manageable if you (1) Understand the process. (2) Keep up with new eDiscovery laws (3) Handle data the right way. (4) Understand the Cloud. (5) Learn how to choose good eDiscovery software.

How to Stick to Your eDiscovery Budget: 4 Questions Your Small Law Firm Should be Asking

25 May 2018 by Anith Mathai
Ask these 4 questions to keep eDiscovery budgeting under control: (1) How much help do I need? (2) How much will I be paying? (3) What will I be paying for? (4) Where will my data be stored?

4 eDiscovery Best Practices that Courts Expect, But Your Small Law Firm May Not Know About

18 May 2018 by Anith Mathai
Courts regularly pass rulings that set eDiscovery best practices. And your small law firm needs to know about them to survive and grow. Here's a quick primer to help you get started.

5 Reasons Why 'Managed' eDiscovery Document Reviews Can Help You Grow Your Small Law Firm

17 May 2018 by Anith Mathai
Got too many eDiscovery documents to review? With a 'managed document review,' experienced attorneys help you review files quickly and thoroughly while saving you money. Which makes it much easier to grow your small law firm.

Searching for PDFs with GoldFynch

02 May 2018 by Anith Mathai
Follow these steps to access and learn to use the search features of GoldFynch to find text in a PDF, find text in multiple PDFs, or find PDF files within your case structure. Also learn how to review and save search results.

New Update: Your GoldFynch Cases Will Automatically Get Slightly Bigger, Starting May 01, 2018

16 April 2018 by Anith Mathai
When you 'produce' eDiscovery files in GoldFynch, they're usually stored as encrypted ZIP files on special 'production' servers, for no extra charge. But we're now going to shift these production ZIP files into your GoldFynch case Cloud-storage instead.

Updated production sharing

02 April 2018 by Anith Mathai
Share a finished 'production' through GoldFynch via email or with a unique link

Cloud eDiscovery: How It's Helping Overworked Solo and Small-Firm Lawyers Handle Their Caseloads

29 March 2018 by Anith Mathai
Many small and solo law firms assume that because their cases are small, they don't need eDiscovery software. Here's why that's wrong, and what you can do about it.

eDiscovery in Dublin (Ireland): Why Are Small Law Firms Raving About This Simple, New eDiscovery App?

21 March 2018 by Anith Mathai
Ireland is embracing eDiscovery. But small law firms can't afford expensive software. The answer? GoldFynch - a simple, affordable eDiscovery app that anyone can learn to use.

How to Stop Being Intimidated by eDiscovery: 3 Simple Steps Your Small Law Firm Can Take Right Now

21 March 2018 by Anith Mathai
Does eDiscovery seem too complicated? Well, it isn't. The trick is to ease into it. Here's how. And you don't need to be an IT pro to do it.

The 'Slop Search': How to Get Better Search Results When You're Looking for Specific Phrases

14 March 2018 by Anith Mathai
Searching your eDiscovery files for a specific phrase is tricky. GoldFynch's 'sloppy search' feature lets you loosen (and broaden) your search to get better results.

How to Find Files You've Mistakenly Forgotten to Tag: GoldFynch's New eDiscovery 'Tag Propagation'

01 March 2018 by Anith Mathai
Forgot to tag email attachments and ZIP files? They're easy to miss. Now, GoldFynch catches those misses with its new 'tag propagation' feature.

How to Move Files and Folders in Your GoldFynch Case

27 February 2018 by Anith Mathai
It's simple to move files and folders around in your GoldFynch case. Here's how in 5 simple steps.

Which Type of eDiscovery Pricing Will Save Money for My Small Law Firm?

17 February 2018 by Anith Mathai
Most eDiscovery providers use 'per GB' pricing to charge for their software. Because it seems more flexible. But 'fixed volume' pricing is actually simpler, more transparent, and (with a little tweaking) just as flexible. This post explores what these pricing strategies are, and which one is better for your small law firm.

How to Search Your eDiscovery Case. Pro Tips Every Small Law Firm Needs to Know

15 February 2018 by Anith Mathai
Your eDiscovery app's 'search' feature is a powerful tool. You can find documents that have a keyword you're after, and you can combine keywords for a more thorough search. Here's what you need to know to make the best searches.

How to Export and Share eDiscovery Emails: The 3-Step Guide for Your Small Law Firm

15 February 2018 by Anith Mathai
Need to share eDiscovery emails? Here's how: (1) Export and put them into your eDiscovery app. (2) Find and tag relevant emails. (3) Produce and share the emails.

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Handle Email eDiscovery for Your Small Law Firm

08 February 2018 by Anith Mathai
Traditional email apps make email eDiscovery clunky (and in some cases, impossible). The simple solution? Get a powerful-but-affordable eDiscovery app. Here's why.

Why Using Outlook for Email eDiscovery is Losing Your Small Law Firm Precious Billable Hours

29 January 2018 by Anith Mathai
Using an email app (like Outlook) for email eDiscovery? Oops. You'll need an eDiscovery app, instead. Let's see why, using the simple example of bulk-tagging emails.

Is Your Small Law Firm Overlooking this Simple Rule for Cutting eDiscovery Costs?

13 January 2018 by Anith Mathai
Want to cut eDiscovery costs? Upload (and 'produce') fewer files. Use these simple tricks to save money, work faster, and get more billable hours.

Looking Forward to 2018

01 January 2018 by Anith Mathai
GoldFynch 2018

3 Quick Tips to Find the Lowest eDiscovery Pricing for your Small Law Firm

29 December 2017 by Anith Mathai
To control eDiscovery pricing: Find (1) Cloud-based software, (2) With only the essential features you'll need, (3) With transparent and up-front pricing.

The Mystery of the Cloud: Why Small Law Firms Are Moving to Cloud-Based eDiscovery

28 December 2017 by Anith Mathai
What is the Cloud? How does it cut eDiscovery costs? Is it safe? And where can you get Cloud-based eDiscovery?

eDiscovery Ethics: The One Checklist Every Small Law Firm Needs

16 December 2017 by Anith Mathai
eDiscovery creates a new set of ethical standards. And small law firms need to rise to the challenge. Here's a checklist for collecting, using and protecting your eDiscovery data.

Is Ediscovery Preventing Your Small Law Firm from Growing?

15 December 2017 by Anith Mathai
If your small law firm doesn't have specialized software, you're wasting precious billable hours. Here's why, and what you can do about it.

The ‘Flow ‘of eDiscovery: What Your Small Law Firm Needs to Know Before Choosing eDiscovery Software.

10 December 2017 by Anith Mathai
There are many eDiscovery apps to choose from. But what matters is the strategy you use to build your case. Tap into the ‘flow’ of eDiscovery, and it’ll lead you to the right app for your firm.

5 Simple Tips to Keep eDiscovery Cheap for Small Law Firms

03 December 2017 by Anith Mathai
When done right, eDiscovery can save you money. Here are 5 tips for keeping eDiscovery cheap.

The Secret to Choosing the Best Low-Cost eDiscovery Software for Your Small Law Firm

28 November 2017 by Anith Mathai
There are a lot of eDiscovery apps out there. Many are unnecessarily complicated. And even fewer are affordable. So, here are 4 things to keep in mind when choosing your software.

Low-Cost eDiscovery For Small Law Firms: Why It’s Possible, and How to Get it

27 November 2017 by Anith Mathai
eDiscovery is complicated and (usually) expensive. But there's a new generation of cheaper, faster apps, for small law firms. Here's how to get one . . .

eDiscovery Pricing: What Is My Small Law Firm Paying For? And Can It Pay Less?

09 November 2017 by Anith Mathai
Need affordable eDiscovery? Get an app that processes files for free and hosts them on the Cloud. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying too much

What Is 'Metadata'? And How Does eDiscovery Software Use It to Win Cases for Small Law Firms like Yours?

25 October 2017 by Anith Mathai
Metadata is 'data about data,' and all computer files have it. But what does that mean? Why is it such a big deal? And how is it relevant to an attorney like you? This post explains all.

Production Log and Converting Tags To 'Quick Codings'

28 September 2017 by Anith Mathai
A Production Log is an itemized record of the produced documents. This article details this new feature, in addition to the ability to convert tags to 'quick codings'.

How to Find Emails When You’ve Forgotten the Date They Were Sent.

16 August 2017 by Anith Mathai
That’s two separate searches. One search to find emails from that client. And the other to narrow down those emails to the ones from last month. GoldFynch’s *Intelligent Search* feature helps combine these two searches and save time. Here’s how:

Ediscovery 101: The Basics of Ediscovery for Small Law Firms

15 August 2017 by Anith Mathai
Ediscovery (i.e. 'electronic' discovery) is the process of collecting, sharing, and searching electronically stored information (ESI).

Ediscovery Basics: Has Your Small Law Firm Been Making This Mistake When Sharing ‘Productions’?

08 August 2017 by Anith Mathai
Most small law firms download and mail/email their finished ‘productions.’ But this isn’t the best (or safest) way to do things. Here’s why you need to find an ediscovery app that lets you share productions from within the app itself.

The Magic of Advanced Searches: Useful eDiscovery Tips for Small Law Firms

01 August 2017 by Anith Mathai
One of the most powerful features of electronic discovery (e-discovery or eDiscovery) is the 'advanced search.' Here, we explore how advanced searches work and how you can make the most of them.

How to Share Productions in GoldFynch

26 July 2017 by Anith Mathai
When you finish working on a case and produce it, GoldFynch creates a zip file of that production. And now it's super easy to share this file, right from the GoldFynch interface. No need to waste time downloading and emailing it.

What Are PST Files? How Should My Small Law Firm Handle Them?

25 July 2017 by Anith Mathai
Businesses today talk to each other through email. So, your clients are bound to come to you with PST files. What are they? And what do you do with them? Read on to find out.

Ferrari vs Corvette Ediscovery: Fast Cars Teach Small Law Firms a Valuable Lesson

19 July 2017 by Anith Mathai
How much should your small law firm be spending on ediscovery? In this article, we look at the the difference between the Ferrari and the Chevrolet Corvette, and what it can teach us about choosing ediscovery software.

4 Essential Advanced Search Features Your Small Law Firm Needs for Email eDiscovery

01 July 2017 by Anith Mathai
Advanced’ searching is about making a highly specific search. So, is your eDiscovery software's search engine 1) Able to handle complex searches, 2) Easy to use, 3) Fast, 4) Able to save/share searches

Searching for File Types (with Extensions and MIME Types)

27 June 2017 by John Ding
With our most recent update to GoldFynch, the ability to search by file extension has been added! In addition, improvements have been made to filetype searching.

What Ediscovery Software Should I Buy? Ask These 4 Questions to Save Your Small Law Firm Time and Money.

07 June 2017 by Anith Mathai
Ediscovery is becoming affordable. But deciding which software to use is still tough. Ask yourself these 4 questions and save your small law firm time and money

Is Your Clients’ Data Safe? Cloud Computing to the Rescue for Small Law Firms.

06 June 2017 by Anith Mathai
Is your firm using cloud-computing? If not, here’s why it’s the safest way to store your clients’ data.

Can Ediscovery Tools Make You a Better Lawyer?

30 May 2017 by Anith Mathai
As a lawyer in a small firm, ediscovery can give you tools to improve your performance in 4 key ways.

Ediscovery: How it Works, and Why It Will Help Keep Your Small Law Firm Relevant

26 May 2017 by Anith Mathai
Don’t know about ediscovery? It’s the next big thing for small law firms. Here’s how it works and why you need it.

Announcing New Case Plans! Here’s What That Means and How It Will Save You Money.

25 May 2017 by Anith Mathai
Perfect for small law firms: Get flexible ediscovery and still know exactly how much you’ll be paying every month.

How to Land a Big Case as a Small Law Firm

16 May 2017 by Anith Mathai
Landing big cases is a challenge for small and solo law firms. Here are some useful tips on how to get your next big client.

GoldFynch moves to Google Cloud

10 April 2017 by Anith Mathai
We’ve switched over to Google Cloud Storage. Performance benefits improve uploading, downloading and file processing speeds. Google Cloud Storage provides us more security and auditing capabilities.

Codings' and Our Improved Tagging System

24 February 2017 by Anith Mathai
Tags and codings are user defined labels to help organize files. This article explains how to use tags and codes in GoldFynch for review.

How to Change Your GoldFynch Case Plan

17 January 2017 by Anith Mathai
If you don't need all the storage your plan provides. GoldFynch, billing is prorated, so pay only what you use by upgrading and downgrading your case.

Why Your Small Firm Needs E-Discovery, and Where to Get It

17 January 2017 by Anith Mathai
Unlike other ediscovery software, GoldFynch scales for large and small firms. Your firm can now use affordable ediscovery software for any case.

Why Your E-Discovery Software Needs To Have OCR

20 December 2016 by John Ding
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is software that converts scanned documents into text files for searching. GoldFynch has OCR built in, unlimited and included in all plans.

What Is Ediscovery (Or E-Discovery)?

06 December 2016 by John Ding
Ediscovery (electronic discovery) is collecting, sharing, and searching electronically stored information (ESI) – e.g. Word files, PDFs, emails, etc.

New Upload Status Bar: Track Your Uploads Easily

11 October 2016 by Ross Johnson
GoldFynch handles a large range of file types; the uploads progress window shows the upload status of files sent to GoldFynch.

Document Production In GoldFynch

20 September 2016 by Ross Johnson
Ediscovery production of files in GoldFynch is designed to be simple. It is handled by a production wizard that will walk you through all the steps.

New Issues Page for Error Alerts

09 September 2016 by John Ding
We've created an Issues page to show error alerts.

Calendar Items (.Ical) And Contact Information (.Vcf) In Goldfynch

24 August 2016 by John Ding
iCalendar files (iCALs) and Virtual Contact Files (VCFs): now supported by GoldFynch.

Use a Password List to Save Time

18 August 2016 by Anith Mathai
Use our password list to enter passwords for restricted files and GoldFynch will automatically find and use the right one when needed.

How to Pay Your GoldFynch Invoice

20 July 2016 by Anith Mathai
Learn how to pay your monthly GoldFynch invoice in 3 easy steps.

Should I Use Cloud-Based Services? A Quick Guide

13 July 2016 by Anith Mathai
Many firms are shifting towards the cloud. Follow security best practices when using the Cloud.

Search by Email Properties

13 July 2016 by John Ding
Learn more about how Goldfynch lets you search for emails using the ‘subject’, ‘to’, ‘cc’ or ‘bcc’ email fields (email meta data).

Case Sharing Across Multiple Accounts in GoldFynch

25 June 2016 by Ross Johnson
With Case Sharing, you now have the ability to open a case in one account and share it with another user in a different account.

Search By Date Range

01 May 2016 by John Ding
Take advantage of GoldFynch's date identification capabilities to search for documents via date ranges. It can identify many different date formats.

Next / Previous files in Files View and Search View for Quick Document Review

19 April 2016 by Anith Mathai
Documents can be reviewed quickly by clicking Next Document or Previous Document while in Doc View.

Redaction in GoldFynch

13 April 2016 by John Ding
Redaction in GoldFynch refers to the process of removing sensitive information from a document prior to production. GoldFynch has multiple ways to redact.

File Support Updates - HTML, TXT

06 April 2016 by Anith Mathai
We’ve added HTML and TXT file formats to our existing arsenal of supported file formats.

Paying Bills and Viewing Invoices

01 April 2016 by Anith Mathai
Pay for your GoldFynch cases securely with our Stripe credit card payment integration. Calculation of case billing is prorated on an hourly basis.

Load files: What are they? And do we still need them?

29 March 2016 by Ross Johnson
Simply put, a load file is a really well organized text file. Load files are used by older software that still utilize legacy relational databases.

Exporting emails from Gmail

13 March 2016 by Ross Johnson
This article shows you how to export email from GMail.

Big Data

01 March 2016 by Anith Mathai
Structured Data is what we imagine big data is: rows of columns filled with values in a spreadsheet. Big data is also unstructured like in PDFs, Word, blogs, emails etc.

Exact Duplicate Detection a.k.a Identical File Detection

29 February 2016 by Anith Mathai
Our duplicate file detection system detects exact file duplicates already uploaded.

GoldFynch Updates

29 February 2016 by Anith Mathai
Latest updates to GoldFynch. Including duplicate detection, upload improvements and bulk tagging.

Uploading Zip or Compressed Files in GoldFynch

21 February 2016 by John Ding
If you have a .zip file you need to send to GoldFynch, drag and drop your .zip file into GoldFynch. It will unzip the file, and process all the files.

Tagging Files

15 February 2016 by John Ding
Tags are short labels for files. Tags are useful for file review and production in GoldFynch.

Refine Your Search Using 'Snippets'

07 February 2016 by Ross Johnson
“Snippets” are brief excerpts of a file that show up below the search results. The purpose is to provide context for your results within each document.

Uploading Folders

29 January 2016 by John Ding
To upload whole folders to GoldFynch, drag ‘n drop the folder from your Windows explorer or Finder (Mac) window onto the files view in GoldFynch.

e-Discovery and Document Review: An Introduction

22 January 2016 by Anith Mathai
E-Discovery or document review , are broad terms used to describe the collection of documents in an electronic format followed by a search for information within those documents.