eDiscovery in Dublin (Ireland): Why Are Small Law Firms Raving About This Simple, New eDiscovery App?

21 March 2018 by Anith Mathai eDiscovery small-law-firm Ireland

Ireland is embracing eDiscovery. But small law firms can’t afford expensive software. The answer? GoldFynch - a simple, affordable eDiscovery app that anyone can learn to use.

eDiscovery is becoming the norm with small law firms in Ireland.

The Emerald Isle’s lower corporate tax has led to a number of international businesses, especially tech giants, setting up shop on the island. Microsoft vs The USA was a big discussion point at the recently concluded Legal Tech 2018 in New York. This has had its fair share of controversy in the press and political rhetoric, especially in the US. As such, the Irish legal system is regularly exposed to high-profile litigation involving large companies and eDiscovery.

In fact, Dublin now regularly hosts eDiscovery conferences.

The majority of the panels and discussions focus on machine learning, predictive coding and other eDiscovery technologies. However, keep in mind that the eDiscovery group of Ireland was formed only in 2011. And even in mature markets like the United States, technology-assisted review (TAR) and machine learning for eDiscovery are still not widely available.

The fact is, small law firms in Ireland find it difficult to get the tools they need.

Machine learning and TAR show great promise, but they still require large budgets and large case sizes. What about small firms like yours? You have small cases, but you also have cases where email inboxes are, for example, over 10 GB in size. So, what are your options? Most available eDiscovery software is just too expensive. And, you’re tempted to use a patchwork of different apps. Like Acrobat Reader for PDF files, Thunderbird for emails, MS Office for Word documents. You’ll sometimes even opening PST files in Outlook (not recommended as it changes the metadata!)

So, where can you find affordable eDiscovery?

The answer is in the clouds, or in this case the Cloud. Services like GoldFynch-eDiscovery allow small law firms like yours to quickly and easily upload data like PDF files, Word Documents, email (PST, MBOX) into the Cloud. And you’ll need only an internet connection and a browser like Google Chrome. Yes, it’s as easy as “dragging ‘n dropping” the files into your browser.

The Cloud is safe, affordable, and easy to use.

Remember, you already use the Cloud every day for email, court filings etc. Its high-security servers encrypt your clients’ data, keeping it safe. And its pricing is transparent and up-front.

Well, with GoldFynch, you become more efficient. You can take on larger cases. And you can start competing with larger law firms!

Getting started with GoldFynch is easy.

Simply create a free account on the GoldFynch website. Drag-and-drop some test data into the free case to see if it fits your needs. When you are ready, add a credit card and get going. Prices are as low as $25/month with volume discounts. Far less than what most established vendors charge.

GoldFynch helps you save money.

By using the Cloud, GoldFynch is able to distribute the cost of processing and storage across multiple customers and pass those savings on to you. So, if you are a small law firm in Dublin, or Cork, or Belfast or anywhere else in Ireland, make sure you give GoldFynch a try. It’ll help you keep business you’d otherwise lose if can’t handle eDiscovery.

Intrigued by GoldFynch? Here’s how you can find out more:

eDiscovery is simple. And we’ll help you get started.

So, don’t get scared away by complex-sounding TAR and machine learning. You won’t need them for small cases. Instead, just start GoldFynching!