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How does your billing work?

Billing is dependent exclusively on the case volumes of cases that you are the owner of. Cases are pro-rated per second and billed monthly, until the monthly maximum.
Let's break this down:

Case volume: When you make a case, you choose a case volume for that case. You are billed based on the volume chosen for that case. Premium cases begin at $25/month for 3 GB.
Example: You make a 3 GB case on the 1st of the month. You will be billed $25 at the end of the month, whether you have 0 GB, 1 GB, or 3 GB in the 3 GB case.

Pro-rating: Cases are pro-rated per second and billed monthly, until the monthly maximum (i.e. the listed rate for that volume.) So you only pay for the days that a case is active, and at maximum, you pay the listed amount.
Example: You have a 50 GB case ($315/month) running for one day and you delete it, at the end of the month you will only be billed approximately $10.5.

Auto-upgrading cases: If the data you upload makes your files exceed the volume of the case you selected, your case will be automatically upgraded to the appropriate (lowest possible) higher plan. This is pro-rated as well. Note that you can manually drop down to a lower plan at any time if you delete data from your case.
Example: If your case is upgraded (whether automatically or manually) on the last day of the month from 3 GB to 5 GB, you will only pay for one day of the 5 GB rate and the rest of the month will be billed at the 3 GB rate.

Multiple Cases: If you have multiple cases, the billing for each case is calculated in a pro-rated manner for the days that it is active, and added up. The total is what you are billed for at the end of the month.
Note: To stop billing for a case you must delete it - a case with no data in it still accrues charges, as billing is based on the case plan (e.g. a 3 GB plan, 50 GB plan, etc.) and not the volume of data present in the case.

See our pricing page for more information:

Support and add-on services: There is no additional cost for regular support. However, in the case of non-standard requests or support outside of the platform you will be given an up-front estimate of the charges before commencement of the service. Once the services are complete, your linked card or payment method will be billed.

You can find more information about additional services offered through the GoldFynch platform in the "Add-on Services" section of the Overview page once you sign into your GoldFynch account and open a case.

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