Are you a non-profit, school, college, university, or governmental organization with eDiscovery needs?

GoldFynch is an affordable, streamlined, and secure eDiscovery solution that can help you:

  • Respond to FOIA/SAR requests effectively and efficiently
  • Maintain budgets
  • Meet compliance requirements
Non-profit organizations
Government organizations
College or University

How does GoldFynch meet your needs?

Affordable - Transparent pricing

  • Pay as you go
  • No charges for derived files
  • Unlimited, free uploads & processing
  • Unlimited, free users & sharing
  • Pre-pay for GoldFynch credits
  • Discounts for government & educational organizations

Compliance & Data Security - Keep individual and student data secure

View our security & privacy resources:

Audit Trail

GoldFynch provides an audit trail of actions taken on the platform.

GoldFynch Features

  • Automatic OCR & Processing

uploaded files are automatically processed and run through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) making text fully searchable

  • Built-in Document Viewer

GoldFynch's built-in document viewer lets you easily view file content, text, and metadata at the same time. Easily navigate between emails and their attachments, and between child and parent files

  • Tagging/Coding

of documents while reviewing, in bulk via searches, flagging errored files, and more

  • Search and Retrieval

The robust search engine lets you quickly and easily search through all your case's files in one go. Optionally, run targeted searches using advanced search syntax or specifying metadata criteria, allowing you to search for an individual's identifiers (name, email address, etc.,) email sent/received dates, custodian, etc.

Retrieve relevant data easily and ensure that the software maintains the integrity and original format of the information. File metadata is not altered.

  • Data review and Redaction

Review the retrieved data with a built-in Document Viewer.

Identify and easily redact third-party information or confidential data that should be redacted before sharing using the redaction tool.

  • Export and Delivery

Export files in a number of different formats, delivering the requested data in a format that is accessible and understandable to the data subject. Ensure your exported format complies with the data protection regulations in your jurisdiction.

Share productions directly through GoldFynch, ensuring that data is delivered to the data subject in a confidential and secure manner

  • File Support

Exception file type support. See the FAQ below for more information

  • Collaboration

Share cases for free with unlimited users. Manage permissions and access of users.

Create review sets and assign them to reviewers. Track review progress.

  • Security

Fast, secure logins with SAML support and optional multi-factor authentication

Payments and Billing Information

Pricing information

  • Affordable - Transparent pricing
  • Prorated (Pay as you go)
  • No charges for derived files PDF versions of files created for review/sharing, reports, document kits and productions generated
  • Unlimited, free uploads and processing
  • Unlimited, free users and sharing
  • Pre-pay for GoldFynch credits
  • Discounts for government & educational organizations

Payment methods available

  • PO (Purchase Order)
  • ACH
  • Check
  • Paying in advance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What formats can I generate my bill in?

You will be charged based on your case plan, irrespective of the amount of data in the case. So if you have a 5 GB case, you will be charged $35 regardless of whether you have 0 GB, 3 GB or 5 GB in it.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, there are discounts for multiple year agreement

We have a 10% discount for government and educational organizations. The email address of the case owner must be from a qualifying domain

  • What file types do you support? Do you support Mac files?

GoldFynch supports native documents, load file productions, PSTs, MBOX, and much more

Mac file support: Mac files are supported, including iWork files, exports from Outlook for Mac (OLM). Working copy of Outlook for Mac is not yet supported.

We also support files for OneNote, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint & Teams

While our list of supported file formats is kept up to date, there may be additional file types that are supported but not yet listed. Feel free to contact us if you require a specific file type, we may be able to add support for you.

  • What kind of formatting options for production are available?

GoldFynch offers a number of production formats including native formatting, multiple types of PDF formats (single bulk PDF, each page as a separate PDF, each file as a PDF, etc.), TIFFs, JPEGs, and formatted both with and without load files and/or images

  • Are there any specific functions GoldFynch is commonly used for outside of eDiscovery?

GoldFynch is frequently used to convert emails and their attachments to PDFs, produce embedded attachments to emails as PDFs, help with redacting/printing of MBOX data, etc.

  • Do you offer training sessions?

We have a free training course and certification available here. If you would like to schedule a free demo, request one here

  • Have questions about CCPA / FOIA / SAR requests?

Get in touch with us at

  • Require a formal quote, or invoice via email to submit for a PO (Purchase Order)?

Reach out to with your requirements to arrange this