What Is Document Unitization In eDiscovery

03 January 2024 by Uday
The process of splitting large bits of data into smaller manageable units is known as Document Unitization. The right eDiscovery software can easily guide you through this process

eDiscovery Is Changing Litigation. Is Your Firm Being Left Behind?

27 December 2023 by Ross
Smaller law firms have to do more with fewer resources. The solution? (1) Choose top-tier eDiscovery software, (2) Train your workforce to use this software, (3) Share resources with other firms, and (4) Be mindful of privacy & security.

Navigating the Legal Landscape: Understanding the Parameters of Discovery into Employees' Personal Devices

23 December 2023 by Anith
Learn about the intricacies of Discovery in Employment law. Get an insight into the prameters involved and how to balance employer interests and employee privacy

How Much Should My Law Firm Pay For eDiscovery? (Hint: $27/mo Starter Case)

21 December 2023 by Anith
You can get an eDiscovery starter case (3 GB) for as little as $27/mo! And the fees stay just as economical as you increase your case limit all the way to 150+ GB!

Que sont les familles de fichiers eDiscovery? Et devrais-je les protéger?

18 December 2023 by Anith
Les familles de fichiers sont des groupes de fichiers associés. Et la séparation de ces «familles» dans Ediscovery peut gâcher vos données. Voici comment résoudre le problème.