Lawfest 24 and What We Learned

25 March 2024 by Carey eDiscovery Lawfest24 NewZealand

Our Customer Success Manager Carey Granda, CEDS shares her experiences from LawFest that happened earlier this month!

The event started with our arrival at Auckland for LawFest 24

It was nice being back in Auckland, attending LawFest 24, which was in March this time. I arrived a day before the event and was brought back to the familiarity of the city and the hotel.

The Conference hotel, the Cordis, Auckland, had gone through some amazing renovations, and the new wing of the hotel was now open! The rooms were lovely and the staff was as friendly and inviting as I remembered. The Cordis, Auckland

Our first job was to set up the GoldFynch booth

I had a chance for a quick rest before we began setting up our booth! Booth space 25 once again housed GoldFynch and we made it our home for the day!

Booth No.25 - GoldFynch

Joined by one of the co-founders and my esteemed colleague, Uday Verma, we headed to the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) event sponsored by EDT. Phil Smith from EDT delivered the presentation “AI and eDiscovery - Unplugged”. It was nice to meet with many ACEDS members!

EDT sponsored ACEDS event

Conference Day at LawFest 24 begins with the attendees trickling in

As the day began attendees started filling in for early morning coffee before the keynote speech began.

And the conference begins

The keynote speaker was Helen Mackay from Juno Legal, she focused on strategy, design, and high-performance in in-house legal functions and their use of technology. It was much appreciated by many of the attendees!

Keynot speaker Helen Mackay

As the day wore on many attendees stopped by to say hi, or to receive information about our eDiscovery tool and what sets us apart.

People stopping by the GoldFynch booth

In true GoldFynch style, the afternoon bar was open! It was once again a hit among folks opting for a “cold one” prior to concluding the day with the final session.

It's time to grab a cold one

And we concluded our event with another winner of a GoldFynch Yeti Tumbler….Congratulations, again to Anne Paton of DLA Piper New Zealand…enjoy the Yeti!

And we've got a winner

A big shoutout to Andrew King, and especially Hayley Griffith and Meg Luff, thanks for all your support and help along the way.

We are already looking forward to LawFest 25

Save the dates have already been announced for LawFest 25 and GoldFynch is committed to making the trip to support this wonderful event on 6 March, 2025.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Didn’t get to meet us at the GoldFynch booth during LawFest 24, you can learn more about us here.

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