Why Your Law Firm's Brand Must Be Visually Consistent

20 December 2022 by Anith eDiscovery branding law-firm

Takeaway: To grow your firm, you’ll need to develop a visually-consistent brand that your clients can easily recognize. And you can do this by choosing brand-neutral applications that showcase your firm’s brand and value-added services.

A law firm is more than just a team of attorneys. It’s a business that makes a promise.

A law firm is a business that makes a promise to its clients. And this promise is its brand. Your brand gives clients a reason to hire you and affects how you price your services, choose your marketing strategy, budget your expenses, and more. So it’s worth explicitly exploring and expressing your brand rather than letting it evolve randomly. The clearer and more compelling your promise, the more likely your clients will actually pick up the phone to call you. And with really compelling branding, they’d have decided to hire you even before making that call.

So, what is it you do? That’s the first question to answer.

There’s a lot that goes into building a brand, starting with a snapshot of what it is you do. This might mean describing where you are, what you specialize in, how large your team is, etc. So, you might say, ‘We’re a small Austin-based firm specializing in personal injury cases.’ But you’ll want to dig a little deeper when defining your brand. Why are you the best personal injury firm? Why should clients hire you over your competitors? And what’s your story? This last part is essential because strong brands attract the right clients by telling compelling stories. For instance, should clients come to you because you’re reliable and easy to work with? Or because you’re aggressive and always get the job done? Those are two different (but equally powerful) stories that will attract two very different types of clients.

Sure, you’ll need skilled specialists to help craft your brand. But make sure you’re a part of the process.

Great branding doesn’t just focus on how clients think about you. Rather, it changes how they feel about you. But remember that the core message comes from you. It’s not something a marketing agency pulls out of thin air. So, although you’ll need specialists to help craft your brand, ensure you stay a part of the process. Their job is to find, clarify, and fine-tune your message.

Most importantly, your message should stay consistent.

Your brand represents everything that your clients think about you. And they piece together their impressions from your advertising, social media posts, website, Google search results, emails, phone calls, and more. So, the key to good branding is consistency. You want to send the same message online and in the real world because inconsistencies cause clients to question your entire story. Further, inconsistent stories make you forgettable. Remember, it takes about five different ‘hits’ (tweets, emails, ads, calls, etc.) before clients start to notice you, and each mismatched hit (from an inconsistent story) resets the counter to zero.

This consistency applies to both intangible and tangible branding elements.

Your brand is a mix of intangible impressions (e.g., you’re ‘honest,’ ‘cut-throat,’ ‘dependable,’ etc.) and tangible items like your logo, website, color palette, font, etc. Successful brands stay consistent across all these elements. Sure, the intangible elements are foundational – e.g., an expensive logo does nothing if it doesn’t evolve from a well-planned brand statement. But even the best brand statement needs a powerful logo to go with it. So, tangible brand elements count, too.

And here’s why visual branding can be valuable low-hanging fruit.

Your visual brand – i.e., your logo, fonts, icons, color palette, etc. – is arguably one of your most impactful brand elements since it’s the first thing clients see. So, one of your core to-do’s should be to keep your visual branding consistent. This means, for instance, using the same logo, fonts, and color palette everywhere – making sure the dimensions and color shades don’t change.

Thankfully, there are brand-neutral applications you can use to establish your law firm’s brand.

At GoldFynch, we recognize that law firms need our eDiscovery service but also want to establish their brand. And that’s why we developed a brand-neutral version of our service that lets you add your logo and colors to our software. (Further, you can create a custom subdomain ‘yourcompany.goldfynch.com’, generate invoices with billback pricing, and more.) It’s your legal know-how, fueled by our cutting-edge technology – blended to give your clients the best possible experience.

And GoldFynch does more than build your brand.

GoldFynch is an entire eDiscovery suite designed for small and midsize firms. So, it has all the essential eDiscovery tools you’ll need, plus a few extra advantages. For instance:

  • It costs just $27 a month for a 3 GB case: That’s significantly less than most comparable software. With GoldFynch, you know exactly what you’re paying for: its pricing is simple and readily available on the website.
  • It’s easy to budget for. GoldFynch charges only for storage (processing files is free). So, choose from a range of plans (3 GB to 150+ GB) and know up-front how much you’ll be paying. You can upload and cull as much data as you want, as long as you stay below your storage limit. And even if you do cross the limit, you can upgrade your plan with just a few clicks. Also, billing is prorated – so you’ll pay only for the time you spend on any given plan. With legacy software, pricing is much less predictable.
  • It takes just minutes to get going. GoldFynch runs in the Cloud, so you use it through your web browser (Google Chrome recommended). No installation. No sales calls or emails. Plus, you get a free trial case (0.5 GB of data and a processing cap of 1 GB) without adding a credit card.
  • It’s simple to use. Many eDiscovery applications take hours to master. GoldFynch takes minutes. It handles a lot of complex processing in the background, but what you see is minimal and intuitive. Just drag-and-drop your files into GoldFynch, and you’re good to go. Plus, you get prompt and reliable tech support (our average response time is 30 minutes).
  • Access it from anywhere, and 24/7. All your files are backed up and secure in the Cloud.

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