New Update: Your GoldFynch Cases Will Automatically Get Slightly Bigger, Starting May 01, 2018

16 April 2018 by Anith Mathai cases pricing new-features

We’re changing the way we calculate case volumes.

When you ‘produce’ eDiscovery files in GoldFynch, they’re usually stored as encrypted ZIP files on special ‘production’ servers, for no extra charge. But we’re now going to shift these production ZIP files into your GoldFynch case Cloud-storage instead. (Click here to find out more about Cloud storage.)

What does this mean for you?

In most instances, it won’t affect you at all. Because these production ZIP files usually make up less than 30% of case volumes. But some of your cases may grow slightly. (Note: To check the size of your production ZIPs, check your ‘case overview’ page.)

Will you have to pay more?

In very rare instances, the extra ZIP files may upgrade your case.

But there’s a workaround: When you produce files, it’ll take a few hours for the ZIP to get added to your case volume. So, before that happens, you can download the production (and the production log) and delete it from your case. This is ideal for when you don’t plan to share the production (since it won’t be linked to your account anymore).

Even if your case gets upgraded before you’re done downloading-and-deleting, you can downgrade it right after. Since GoldFynch’s pricing is prorated, you’ll be charged only for the few hours the case was over the limit, which in most cases will be less than a dollar.

Why the change?

We’re adding a slew of cool new features to our production system. And for this we need your production ZIPs to be closely linked to your cases. The best way to do this is to move them into your case volume.

What are these new features?

Well, you can now share productions via URLs, email, or even open them as a new GoldFynch case. And you can organize production files based on attributes like their filename, type, etc. And there’s more to come! Including, self-service options to generate load files and TIFF formats for other eDiscovery review platforms (Relativity and Concordance) commonly used by government agencies.

Will my existing productions be affected?

Nope. These changes will only affect cases created on or after May 01, 2018. For existing cases, your production ZIPs will stay on our production servers, as usual.

Pro Tip: Although you can download and delete them, it’s often best to leave your production ZIPs on GoldFynch.

That’s because it makes it much easier to share them.

  • It’s quick and easy to send someone a link to your production via GoldFynch.
  • The link is encrypted with bank-grade security, so you know your client’s data is safe. And you’ll get an automated confirmation as soon as your recipient accesses the file. Contrast that with sending it via un-encrypted mail/email, or uploading it to an insecure file sharing service.
  • You can invalidate the link at any point. Which is ideal for if you’ve made a mistake in the production, or sent it to the wrong person. And since you’re sharing only the completed production (and not the original files) there’s no danger of anyone reading privileged content.

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