Codings' and Our Improved Tagging System

24 February 2017 by Anith Mathai general new-features review

We’ve created a new category of ‘tags’ called ‘codings’

  • A coding is a special tag that is pinned/unpinned (i.e. toggled on/off) by clicking its button. 

  • When unpinned (i.e. turned off), the coding’s button changes color, but remains visible.  

  • In contrast, with regular tags the button disappears when deactivated.  

Here, the first 4 buttons are codings the last green one is a regular tag. The coding outlined with a red box is ‘unpinned’.

Apply a Tag

[Note: GoldFynch has had a ‘codings’ system for a while, but only for fixed categories. Our rebooted version is much more versatile.] 

You can apply codings as quickly as tags.

They’re in the tag pane, with one-click access.

Unpinned Coding

You can convert a tag into a coding, and a coding into a tag.

Convert Coding to Tag

In file listings, the coding tags appear before regular tags.

Below, the first 4 tags are codings:

Coding Tags

You can unpin codings and remove tags in bulk.

Unpin Codings and Remove Tags

If you delete a tag from the ‘Tags’ section, GoldFynch asks for confirmation and shows you how many files may be affected.

Tag Deletion Confirmation

We have also created ‘auto tags’.

They are managed by GoldFynch, so you cannot add/remove/edit them. 

E.g. The ‘Untagged’ tag for items that don’t have any other tags.

Auto Tag