How to Change Your GoldFynch Case Plan

17 January 2017 by Anith Mathai general new-features

GoldFynch is flexible! Upgrade or downgrade your case plan as needed.

Choose from 4 paid plans: Egg (3 GB), Nestling (15 GB), Fledgling (50 GB), and (new)BigBird (100 GB); it’s easy to move from one to the other.

Reasons to upgrade your plan

  • You’ve reached your plan’s storage limit.
  • You need faster processing. (The higher the plan, the faster the processing.)

Reasons to downgrade your plan

  • You don’t need all the storage your plan provides.
  • You don’t need faster processing anymore.

Billing is prorated, so pay only for time on a plan till the upgrade/downgrade.  

How to change your GoldFynch case plan

Changing plans is quick and easy.

Step 1: Select the case for which you want to upgrade or downgrade the plan

Step 2: Click the ‘Settings’ button in the left menu.

Change Case Plan

Step 3: Click the ‘Change Case Plan’ tab.

Step 4: Click on the plan you want. Don’t worry, GoldFynch only displays valid options for selection and you can always upgrade or downgrade later.