Calendar Items (.Ical) And Contact Information (.Vcf) In Goldfynch

24 August 2016 by John Ding general new-features file-types

iCalendar files (iCALs) and Virtual Contact Files (VCFs): now supported by GoldFynch.

When you upload batches of email from Gmail/Outlook into GoldFynch (i.e. when you import .mbox/.pst files into GoldFynch), they often have iCalendar files (.ical files) and Virtual Contact Files (.vcf files) attached. GoldFynch can now access and search these files for you.

What are iCalendar files (iCALs)?

iCals are files that calendar apps like Google Calendar and Outlook use to communicate with each other. When you email a calendar invite to your client, your calendar app attaches an iCal file (with all the event details) to your email. The client’s app then reads that file and enters the details into its calendar.

GoldFynch now extracts and makes searchable the dates, text and other event information on these iCALs.

[Note: Outlook calendar invitation emails are usually blank, with only a subject line containing the event invitation. They will show up as empty emails in GoldFynch, with only a subject line.]

What are Virtual Contact Files (VCFs)?

VCFs are files that store contact information. When you use the ‘send contact’ option on your phone or email, you are actually sending a _.vcf _file.

GoldFynch now extracts and makes searchable the contact information on VCFs.

If you have already uploaded emails that contained iCal and VCF files, GoldFynch will actually detect those files in your case and process them for you. So, now these files will be available in any search you perform even in your older cases.

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