How to Pay Your GoldFynch Invoice

20 July 2016 by Anith Mathai general payment

Pay your monthly GoldFynch invoice in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1: Click ‘Billing’ on the top right of your home page.

Billing Icon on Top Right

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a list with your past account activity. Choose a month and click ‘Pay Now’.

Account Activity

Step 3: Enter your credit card information on our secure payment page.

Payment Window

That’s it. You’re done. 

Here are some FAQs:

>> How do I confirm that my payment has been made?

Check your billing page’s ‘account activity list’ (i.e. from Step 2 above). The payment activity line for that month will change to “paid”, as shown below:

Payment Confirmation

>> How do I download my invoice? Or see my billing details?

  • To download your invoice click the ‘download’ icon in your ‘account activity list’ (i.e. from Step 2 above).
  • To see billing details, click the ’down arrow’ in your ‘account activity list’ (i.e. from Step 2 above).

Payment Detail

>> How do I pay for individual cases?

You don’t need to pay for individual cases. Billing is linked to your account as a whole, so your payment is made for all the cases in your account.