Case Sharing Across Multiple Accounts in GoldFynch

25 June 2016 by Ross Johnson new-features sharing

Introducing: Case Sharing Across Multiple Goldfynch Accounts

Chances are, you’ve been in a situation where you’d like to share particulars of a certain case across two accounts.

If you’ve been stumped on how to pull that off—don’t worry any longer. A new collaborative sharing feature is now available in Goldfynch: Case Sharing.

With Case Sharing, you now have the ability to open a case in one account and share it with another user in a different account.

To do this, simply open any case and click the “Sharing” icon on the left pane.

Sharing Icon

Then, click the “Add a user” button.

Add A User Icon

From there, enter the email address of any Goldfynch user you’d like to share with. Once they’re added to the case, you can also control their permission levels—either “User” or “Admin.”

User accounts can only search and review the case—they cannot add or delete data, nor can they add or remove other users.

Admin accounts can do everything owner accounts can do related to a case, except delete the case.

Both user and admin accounts will not be charged for the case. The case owner is responsible for any costs associated with case subscription.

Once a user is added, they will receive an email notification of the case.

Case Sharing opens a world of possibility when it comes to team document review. With this powerful new tool, Goldfynch users can work in tandem to get better results and harness the incredible speed, accuracy, simplicity and transparency of the platform.