Redaction in GoldFynch

13 April 2016 by John Ding new-features user-experience general

Redaction (also called sanitization) in GoldFynch refers  to the process of removing sensitive information from a document prior to production.

In GoldFynch redactions on a document can be made from the “Docs View”, by clicking on the “Start Redacting” button on the right side of the panel. Redactions are currently done by drawing a box around the text that needs to be redacted.

Redaction Window

In the produced document the block of sensitive text will be hidden by a black box. The underlying text will be removed and is not recoverable from the produced document.

Within GoldFynch, the redacted portion will appear as a translucent box over the text in the original file. The redacted text is fully searchable in GoldFynch.

Redaction Window