With the GoldFynch PST viewer

Open the PST file directly from your browser

Use your favourite browser to open the PST file. All major browsers are supported(Chrome, FireFox, IE etc.,)

View files locally on your computer

Our advanced javascript viewer loads the PST file locally on your computer. At no point does the file ever leave your computer. It is not transmitted across the internet or any server. So all your information stays confidential.

The PST file is not modified in any way

Unlike opening the PST in your own copy of Outlook, the GoldFynch PST viewer does not make any changes to the file and email metadata.

View raw file metadata such as MAPI properties

Blazingly fast load times let you quickly view thousands of emails, and email properties, without having to run any processing.

Build a complete picture of your PST files.

Want to do more with your PST File?

Search emails? Redact ? Review? Tag? Produce? Then upload the PST file into a GoldFynch case. GoldFynch is the most affordable ediscovery review service, with prices averaging less than $6/GB/month. Get all the features like unlimited productions and case sharing for one low monthly price.

PST Viewer FAQ

What are PST files?

PST files (Personal Storage Table) are open proprietary file format from Microsoft that is used to store copies of emails, messages, calendar events and other items related to Microsoft Outlook. Find out more about PST files here.

How does the PST viewer work?

The PST viewer is a light weight javacript code block that leverages the same technologies used in the GoldFynch eDiscovery cloud service. When you load a PST file, into the browser window, the javascript code analyzes the files and displays the results in the browser. All the work is done locally on your computer and nothing is transmitted to any server.

Does the PST viewer open OST files?

Yes, the PST viewer supports the OST format and will soon also support MBOX (exports from Gmail).

How are the files from my computer loaded in a browser window?

The browser references the files on your computer and the javascript code reads and analyzes the files locally.

Is it secure and confidential?

Absolutely! No information is transmitted outside your computer.

What if I want to search the PST files?

Searching requires additional functionality such as indexing. In order to search your PST file, you’ll have to create a GoldFynch case and upload the file to your case.

What about deleting, redaction and file review?

These functions are only supported in the GoldFynch eDiscovery application. www.goldfynch.com (Sign up for a free account).

Can I share the PST view with another user?

The only way to share the view is if the other user also has the same PST file locally, since no information is transmitted over the Internet and all functions are local to your computer. You could always create a case in GoldFynch, load the pst file into the case and share the case with another user.