Bates Numbering in eDiscovery: Adapting to the Digital Era with GoldFynch

16 April 2024 by Anith
Bates numbering is the traditional way of stamping pages with unique identifying numbers so you can easily refer to content in your productions. In the current digital era, we need to tweak this system to integrate Bates numbers into the eDiscovery file names. GoldFynch's eDiscovery software helps you to customize and seamlessly apply Bates numbers to your files .

Comment ouvrir des fichiers PST à l'aide de Google Chrome

29 March 2024 by Uday
Pour ouvrir gratuitement des fichiers PST, ajoutez le plugin 'GoldFynch PST Vuers' à votre navigateur Google Chrome. (Trouvez-le sur la boutique en ligne de Chrome). Et pour des outils de révision PST plus avancés, passez au service d'Ediscovery de Goldfynch pour des frais mensuels abordables.

Lawfest 24 and What We Learned

25 March 2024 by Carey
We had an wonderful time at LawFest 2024 early this month! It was an eye-opening experience as we connected with legal pros from across New Zealand and Australia is always an enlightening experience. It was also advantageous to see the ways in which we've been able to help meet their unique requirements

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen PDF-, DOCX-, TXT- und RTF-Dateien in eDiscovery?

17 March 2024 by Anith
PDFs eignen sich am besten zum Teilen, Dokumenten zum Bearbeiten und Text/RTGs, wenn Sie Notizen aufschreiben müssen.

Understanding the Significance of Native Files in eDiscovery

21 February 2024 by ROSS
Native files are the best option for eDiscovery as they contain the rawest and most accurate form of your case data. Also, they consume less space and it is easy to know if they have been tampered with. So it's always better to ask for native files over TIFFs and PDFs