Managed Review in 3 Easy Steps


Create a case in GoldFynch


Upload files into the case


Click the “Request Managed Review” button on the overview page

Managed Review FAQ

What is Managed Review via GoldFynch?

A managed review is an add-on service in GoldFynch that leverages teams of highly qualified attorneys to reviews documents on behalf of law firms. Just click the managed review button in GoldFynch to get started. A representative of the managed review team will contact you to get started.

When do I need Managed Review for my case?

If the volume of electronic documents becomes so vast and it's not possible to handle it in-house, consider using the managed review service. Small or mid-size firms often don’t have easy access to other attorneys time to share the review workload. With looming deadlines, there aren’t enough hours available. You risk losing your client’s case due to review fatigue, maybe even the business to larger firms. This is the perfect situation to consider a managed review.

Why can’t I just get my own team of contract review attorneys?

You certainly can, and if you have a team you have worked with in the past, let us know and we can help you share your GoldFynch case with your review team. If you don’t have an existing team, with a managed review service you also get the experience of seasoned document reviewers, quality control of review, increased efficiency and cost effective pricing.

Are these services offered directly by GoldFynch?

GoldFynch doesn’t directly offer document review services. These services are provided by a third party vendor Legal Outsourcing 2.0, headquartered in New York. The GoldFynch platform facilitates data and document sharing once you authorize Legal Outsourcing to manage your review. The process is seamless and integrated, and does not require additional quotes for data management

How does the process work?

Just click on the “Managed Review” button on the GoldFynch interface. A representative from Legal Outsourcing 2.0 will contact you for case details. They will then provide you with a detailed quote. If you decide to use the service, we will share the case with Legal Outsourcing 2.0.

What will this service cost?

The pricing of this service depends on the number of documents, the timeframe for the review and the number of resources involved in the review. Just like GoldFynch, the managed review service is priced very competitively and much lower than most managed review providers.