Upload your files like never before

Drag-and-drop your files.

GoldFynch lets you drag-and-drop your files directly into your browser window. No need to install extra software or ask for custom uploads.

Upload any type of file, whatever size.

GoldFynch’s web-based uploader processes even the largest of archives. You can upload whole folders too.

Got compressed files and productions? We'll take care of them.

GoldFynch handles most kinds of archives: ZIPs, PSTs, MBOXs and even other formats you didn’t know you could view.

Review documents quickly & securely

View files in your browser.

Never leave your browser window, view all your files in GoldFynch. No app switching, no productivity loss.

Keep your files in the Cloud.

No need to download files to view and review them; with GoldFynch's in-built viewer, you never have to worry about downloading and using an external program.

More security.

Never having to download files to view them means you'll never lose track of them. Keep your files in one place, keep them secure.

Searching is simple, efficient and fast

Get quick results.

GoldFynch lets you search your files like you search the internet. Quickly sort through documents, emails, images, and many other formats.

Get accurate results.

GoldFynch’s relevance engine finds you what you’re looking for faster.

Run complex Boolean searches.

Narrow in on the information you need. Refine searches based on metadata. Use logic operators like AND, OR, and NOT.

Automated OCR

Documents are automatically processed.

GoldFynch detects scanned images and even PDFs of scanned images and automatically makes their text searchable.

Document processing is free.

GoldFynch’s state-of-the-art OCR comes standard with all plans. You never have to worry about paying extra.

Just upload and go.

GoldFynch is designed to be completely automatic. Never worry about the kinds and types of documents you're uploading. Just upload them and GoldFynch will handle everything.

Explore these features and more by signing up for GoldFynch. No sales call, no credit-card required..

Automatic data classification

Automatically find Subjects of Interest.

GoldFynch will automatically find dates, organizations, people, and locations referred to in a document. Its advanced natural language based analyzers save you effort and time.

Zero learning curve

GoldFynch is intuitive.

Its interface is modern, rich, and carefully designed. No distracting software quirks.

You don’t need technical know-how.

Just work your case and behind the scenes GoldFynch handles a range of complex tasks, like Data Management, and Sharing & Access Control.

You won’t need extensive training.

No hefty training fees. No complicated documentation. Get up-and-running in minutes.

Completely Cloud-based

GoldFynch runs completely off the Cloud.

You don't have to install software on your computer. You won't have to install updates either. Log in and you'll be running the latest software.

Access it whenever, wherever.

Your data is always available. We take care of the backups and make sure it's always accessible.

Bank-grade security.

Your data is protected by state-of-the-art security. It's only accessible by you.

Seamless transition into GoldFynch

No more load files.

But if you have them, GoldFynch will handle them. And if you need to create them, it will export them for you.

Smooth GoldFynch transition.

GoldFynch integrates and processes the years of data you’ve accumulated with your current case management software.

Honest billing

No hidden fees, no unnecessary charges.

Just create a case and pay the fixed monthly cost. You never have to worry about extra storage or processing charges.

Simple and predictable pricing.

Cases have fixed prices, so it's easy for you to manage costs.

Easy upgrades.

GoldFynch will track your plan usage and as your needs grow it will show you how to upgrade your case’s plan.

All-inclusive pricing

Everything included.

When you sign up for GoldFynch you get everything it has to offer. You never have to pay to unlock added features. That includes automatic OCR, free processing, and unlimited sharing!

Get new features automatically.

GoldFynch is continuously evolving. And you automatically get access to new features as they are developed and become available.

We will give you a free case to test drive GoldFynch when you sign up. No credit-card required.