4 Easy Ways To Convert PST Files into PDFs

13 December 2023 by Ross
To convert PST files to PDFs you can use targeted tools, outsource the coversion, or manually convert each email using Outlook. But when converting PST files for eDiscovery it is better to use dedicated eDiscovery software as they will preserve the metadata also

Improve eDiscovery With These Simple Data Privacy & Compliance Tweaks

08 December 2023 by Uday
As more and more technology is being used in eDiscovery it is very important know and follow data privacy and compliance guidelines. You can set up your own eDiscovery best practices by following four starightforward privacy and compliances concepts

Two Productive Days At Ontario's Law Clerks' Conference (ILCO 2023)

30 November 2023 by Anith
ILCO 2023 was a chance to learn, network, and be entertained. Here's what happened and why it's worth attending law conferences like these.

Corrupt Files Can Ruin eDiscovery! Here's How To Deal With Them.

21 November 2023 by Ross
Corrupt files in eDiscovery are a silent case destroyer! But you can tackle this hidden threat by learning how to spot signs of file corruption, use strategic recovery methods, and explore prevention options to protect your legal data.

Add Bates Numbers to PDF Documents Using This Method

14 November 2023 by Uday
What is Bates numbering? How does it work? How should you Bates stamp your PDFs, and what are some essential best practices? Here's everything you need to know about Bates numbering...